mYinsanity defeats Yoe Flash Wolves!

This week’s clanwar showmatch was nothing short of intense.  YoeFlashWolves, a Taiwanese based eSports Team, gave mYinsanity a run for their money.  A very close series that came down to the thread, no one could have guessed who was going to come out on top.  Although YoeFlashWolves are relatively quiet in international appearances, they front a very strong player roster and proved it today as well.


Game One – Sacsri vs. Ian

Map – Expedition Lost

In this match both players decided to open with a gasless build, playing with some minor zergling/baneling aggression for the opening part of the game.  Neither fell to any early pressure, although they both took surprisingly late third expansions.  Considering a gasless build is economic based, they were both settling into a macro oriented game.  Both zerg players agreed to take a third base and go into heavy roach play.  What makes this style tricky is there are different ways to mass roach, and they both chose their own version.

Sacsri chose to go heavy gas spending, getting all of his basic upgrades such as roach speed, burrow, and tunneling claws.  Putting more resources into upgrades naturally puts a roach count lower than if you choose to put those resources into units, and this is exactly what Ian decided to do by going for less upgrades and increasing his roach count.  With Sacsri’s upgrades complete, he decided it was time to put on some aggressive pressure and dealt some good damage to Ian’s main and third base.  This is where things began to heat up!  Ian wanted nothing to do with Sacrsi’s pressure and countered with all of his roaches INCLUDING his drones and spine crawlers.  Ian was going all-in for the base trade!

This is definitely not something you see everyday at this level.  As Sacsri rushed to produce more roaches and try to even up the roach count, Ian managed to get his spines burrowed in Sacsri’s natural expansion base.  This match came down to the wire and was very unclear who was going to come out on top.  Eventually Sacsri pulled some units back, and held with a very climatic ending.  Sacsri took it up 1-0 for mYinsanity.


Game Two – Jjakji vs. Parting

Map – Secret Springs

Originally this matchup was scheduled to come later in the clanwar, but Parting asked for a rearrangement because of qualifiers he needed to attend the following morning.  He wanted to get to bed at a decent time, so he asked to play earlier.  Fair enough.

With a tired Parting and Secret Springs to bring out the worst in the “Big Boy”, Parting unsurprisingly went for the cheesy play.  Parting immediately sent a probe to Jjakji’s main base to put down a one gateway proxy for a zealot and stalker rush.  Fortunately Jjakji scouted Parting’s proxy play early, and rushed to get out a reaper and a bunker.  Even with the crucial scout, Jjakji still had a hard time holding as he went on to lose 8 SCV’s to the initial zealot.  Followed up with two more stalkers, the SCV losses for Jjajki were almost crippling.  Being the great player Jjakji is, he played it out but Parting wasn’t done just yet.

Immediately after the proxy pressure, Parting decided to go into a double oracle harass.  Luckily for Jjakji the oracles didn’t get too much damage done, but any damage at that point in the game was just putting him further behind.  Jjakji tried to get himself back into the game with some drop harass, but it wasn’t enough.  Parting had the map controlled with phoenix’s, while adding colossus into his gateway army.  There was nothing Jjakji could do, and with a strong push from Parting, Jjakji was forced to GG out.  Parting went to sleep that night with visions of laser beams in his head as the series was now tied 1-1.


Game Three – San vs. Blysk

Map – Deadwing LE

On paper this game started out great for Blysk as he opened into an oracle, and added three gateways with a twilight council for the blink upgrade.  This was great for Blysk because San went extremely economical, going for a fast nexus build.  Blysk’s oracle was shut down fairly easy by San which wasn’t ideal, and San also produced an oracle of his own which he would use later in the game.

San pushed back the early pressure from Blysk, barely saving his natural expansion which was crucial move.  While San defended the heavy pressure from Blysk, his oracle came out to play and  wrecked havoc, killing eleven of Blysk’s workers in the meantime.  The workers lost for Blysk only grew as San followed up with three phoenix, picking up probes as energy became available.  Blysk continued his pressure, and his stalker count increased.  He knew he had to act fast before San could produce an army of void ray’s, but unfortunately it was too late.  San was able to hold off the blink stalkers and took his team up 2-1.


Game Four – Serral vs. Vanilla

Map – Catellena

The opening plays of this game was pretty standard.  Serral opened into three bases, and Vanilla opened with hellions into a cloaked banshee.  The hellions were shut down fairly well, as Serral made a good amount of queens to defend with.  However, the banshee managed to rack up nine kills, plus a few more kills progressively throughout the game.  As the game proceeded, Serral went into the standard mutalisk, speedling and baneling style.  His mutalisks weren’t allowed much freedom though from Vanilla, and didn’t get much damage done.

Serral didn’t mind this, as he had excellent map control and used some solid macro to expand like crazy.  Vanilla went into a heavy marine style, and managed to get a little harassment done.  Serral was pretty quick to react, keeping playing grounds even.  Serral continued his great map control, spreading creep and maintaining a solid economy.  Eventually he was able to make swarm hosts, which allowed him to be more cost efficient with his play.  Serral held Vanilla at bay, although Vanilla did a good job with drops and positioning, keeping himself in the game.  The cost effective trades was eventually too much for Vanilla, and Serral was able to end the game with his swarm hosts, mutalisks, and the melting acid from hundreds of banelings.  Well played to Serral, tying the series up 2-2.


Game Five – Rain vs. Leenock 

Map – Vaani Research Station

If you were looking forward to this matchup as much as I was,  you’ll probably be pretty disappointed.  This game ended pretty quickly as Rain decided to go all-in with seven gates off of one gas.  This build hits extremely fast, and hard.  Even if scouted properly, it’s hard to stop and Leenock was completely unaware that it was coming.  Leenock was forced to GG out pretty quickly once Rain started his attack.  3-2 for mYinsanity.


Game Six – Kane vs. Has

Map – Overgrowth

Ironically enough, these two are also playing in the same bracket in the RO16 for WCS Europe.  This game got weird pretty fast.  Has made a very brave decision by taking the gold expansion, instead of his immediate natural expansion.  By splitting his bases so far apart, it made it more difficult for Kane to properly scout what Has was actually up to.  Kane first assumed that it was going to be a four gate pressure, but quickly realised Has wasn’t planning on being aggressive.

Kane tried to counter the gold expansion by doing a two base zergling all-in, but Has was able to position his zealots masterfully and used an oracle to help defend.  Kane knew he wasn’t going to be able to break Has after multiple attempts, and Has evened up the series once again to 3-3.  I’m sure Kane is looking forward to the rematch in a couple of weeks.


Game Seven – Rain vs. Leenock

Map – Inferno Pools

Rain vs. Leenock redemption!  I got my wish for a great match between these two, and this time it was to decide who won the clanwar showmatch.  Adding in the factor of a very large map like Inferno Pools, this was very exciting.  Because of the big map, both players opened with very economic builds.  Rain went with a forge fast expand, while Leenock took his natural expansion base and a somewhat sneaky gold base for his third expansion.  Rain’s tech of choice was stargate, which he used first for oracle play.  He followed up the oracle with a robotics facility, and void rays.

Leenock saw Rain was going heavy on void rays, and decided to go mass hydralisks, speedlings, with a sprinkle of vipers.  Rain continued with his very economic style and added three stargates for mass void rays and cheekily used a warp prism to take a probe out to the third expansion on an island base.  After Rain and Leenock had a couple of engagements, they showed each other some respect and fell back into passive play.  Leenock decided to transition into swarm hosts, as Rain built up to his perfect composition of colossus, void rays, and high templars.

Rain did a great job with warp prism harass, shutting down expos, and keeping leenock on his toes.  Eventually Leenock decided to add mutalisks and corruptors into the mix, to better deal with the warp prism harass and void rays.  After a long game of running around, Rain kept hitting a wall and was spending thousands of resources into zealot harass.  It started to look like a rematch between Firecake vs puCK during the WCS qualifiers.  After 40+ minutes into the game, Leenock’s swarm hosts somehow found themselves way out of position and Rain took the opportunity to chase them down.  This unexpectedly forced an big engagement.  With some decent storms, Rain was able to take out most of the mutalisks, but Leenock came out on top with almost all of his corruptors (on low health) and some swarm hosts.

This was by no means game ending for Rain, as he had a very mobile army.  With archons, immortals and zealots, Rain ran around the map destroying Leenocks expansions and slowly ended the game.  Rain was able to shut down Leenock and finished up the clan war in style.


More to Come

 Keep a look out for more of mYinsanty’s intense weekly showmatches to come.  Thank you to BasetradeTV and Rifkin for doing an excellent job covering the series! Good job to all our players!


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