mYinsanity picks up DotA 2 Team

mYinsanity is very proud to announce that we will expand into one of the fastest growing eSports titles, DotA2.

With the addition of team Sensei (also known as Team One) from Serbia, we’ve found an experienced and hard-working team that will represent our organisation in the upcoming months. We also will continue the cooperation with the Serbian organisations Sensei-Gaming & E-Frag who are supporting our DotA2 team in Serbian Events and provide them the possibility for Bootcamps. We will provide you additional informations on Sensei and E-Frag in an upcoming newspost!

DotA 2 Lineup:

Viktor “Buktop” Knezevic – Captain & Support
Konstantin “Kole” Jancetovic – Midlane
Gordan “g0g1” Prosic – Hardcarry
Cedomir “Cedica” Vojnovic – Support
Nenad “grizine” Lukic – Offlane


Team Sensei already has a lot of experience in the DotA2 scene, as most of the team’s players are veterans from the DotA 1 scene.
Earlier this evening, they were able to make it in the first division of the joinDOTA League with a clean 2-0 versus VirtusPro.
Our new team will represent us in various online competitions aswell as some upcoming offline competitions in Europe.
Just recently they were able to qualify for the ESL-One online groupstage along with the best teams in Europe.

To get you in touch with our new DotA2 team we asked the team captain Viktor “Buktop” some questions about the team and the upcoming months in mYinsanity.
The Interview was taken right before their match against VirtusPro in the joinDOTA League:

Hello Viktor, could you please introduce yourself and your team?
I’m Viktor Buktop Knezevic, captain and support player for the Serbian team known as Team ONE or Sensei. Now my mates and I are happy to join mYinsanity!
My teammates are well known real life friends: Grizine (Offlane) and g0g1 (Carry) and two new younger players; Kole (Midlane) and Cedica (Support).

Your team finished the first season of the joinDOTA League at rank one of the second division, what are your expectations for the upcoming playoffs?
Because we finished first in our second division, we are playing the upper bracket game versus VirtusPro at Sunday.
If we win, we are qualified for the first division,  if we lose, we are going to the lower bracket, where we still have a good chance to qualify for the first division. 

Your team is now playing in the same Organisation as our famous Starcraft 2 player StarDust, who is known for his cheesy and unconventional playstyle, how would you describe your playstyle in DotA2?
Cheesy and unconventional playstyle would describe us well! Seems like mYinsanity is searching for the same type of people for their Family!

What are your goals for the upcoming months?
Our goals for the upcoming months are the qualifiers for the joinDOTA division one, qualify for the EMS One and do good at the Big Bang LAN in Zagreb.


We’re happy to have such a dedicated team in our family and wish them the best for their upcoming challenges.

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