mYinsanity enters the Inn

We are thrilled today to announce our new professional Hearthstone team with FaKe, Mirrari and Alesh! mYinsanity has been looking to expand into a new game for a while now, and we have settled on Hearthstone.

Detailed information about our new players can be found below. We are optimistic that with these three excellent players to lead the charge we can become a team to challenge the best in the European Hearthstone scene!


Aleš “Alesh” Hemer

Alesh is a Czech Hearthstone player previously playing for eSuba Intel. Prior to picking up Hearthstone, Alesh was a Yu-Gi-Oh! player, even qualifying for the European Championships once. Later, Alesh played some Dota 1 and some League of Legends before finally investing in Hearthstone. As one of the top performers in the Gentlemen Cup for eSuba, Alesh showed consistent performances worthy of note. Be sure to check out his stream!


Roman “FaKe” Schick

FaKe is a German player with his gaming roots in Starcraft 2 and League of Legends before moving into Hearthstone. He is regarded as one of the best Shaman players in Europe, achieving multiple top 50 legend rank finishes with the class even when Shaman was considered at its weakest. His top result thus far has been a top 4 finish in VGVN #3, where he successfully advanced from a group with Xixo, Firebat and Kolento. He also reached back to back finals of NESL Preseason cups #69 and #70 (winning the latter).


Jan “Mirrari” Jestribek

Mirrari is a Czech Hearthstone player most famously known for his runner-up finish at Seatstory Cup II, and consistent performances for eSuba in the Gentlemen Cup. Alongside his passion for Hearthstone, Mirrari also has a love for Starcraft 2 and Dota 2. He will be making his debut for mYinsanity at Dreamhack Winter, where we are confident he can put in a great showing, battling it out with the best.


About mYinsanity

mYinsanity is a Swiss based organization with its international roots in Starcraft 2. With arguably the strongest Starcraft 2 roster outside Korea, we have become a staple of the scene and have estbalished a positive reputation as a friendly, open and reliable name in Starcraft 2. mYinsanity also boasts a strong Dota 2 team currently playing in the Dota 2 Pit League and Star Ladder, as well as one of the strongest Heroes of the Storm teams in the world.


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