mYinsanity enters the Storm

We are thrilled to announce that the Heroes of the Storm team „Spartanien“ has joined forces with mYinsanity. Team Spartanien has been one of the top contenders in Heroes of the Storm throughout
the world for the last months. With their recent 3rd place at Fragbite Masters they have made a clear statement towards their goals! But this news has double the weight, since mYinsanity does not only gain a terrific Hots Line-Up, we also gain a new sponsor with

About the mYinsanity HotS roster

Nils “Nurok” Gebhardt, Germany, Position: Flex

Nurok has started his career with WoW, LoL and Infinite Crisis. He has played on the highest level in these games and that was the foundation for his successful entry to the HotS scene. After playing with various teams including names such as Team Dignitas and Team Kinguin he has found to Spartanien and finaly to mYinsanity.


Simon “Darkmok” Tabin, Germany, Position: Carry

Darkmok played League of Legends on semi-professional level before being a challenger AD carry. He started playing Heroes in the beginning of the year and his first team was with Happy, CowTard, Blumbi and RQSux. With whom he reformed and built the Alternate Fancy lineup. Following some line-up changes he joined Spartanien and sticked to it since then.


Markus “Blumbi” Hanke, Germany, Position: Tank

Blumbi also has his roots in the League of Legends scene. He played it on Master level but only after switching to HotS he joined a competitive team. The both finnish and german player has played together with Darkmok and Crozzby for over 8 months now and the results speak for themselves.


Martin “Crozzby” Rugh, Denmark, Position: Carry

As all players in the team Crozzby started his competitive E-Sports career in LoL. As a successful Challenger player he caught the attention of many teams. After playing the Alpha of HotS he decided to take the risk and switch game. With Team Spartanien he kick-started his career and there is more to come!


Steffen “KnowMe” Fritzemeier, Germany, Position: Substitute / Tank / Caster / CoolGuy

Who doesn’t know KnowMe? KnowMe is an incredible streamer and caster who has been around the E-Sport scene for many years. He is acting as a personal caster of our Heroes team and will therefore bring as much mYinsanity action as possible to you guys!



The team will represent mYinsanity already next week at Dreamhack Winter. Since the team has just undergone a line-up change they will play with Wubby as their stand-in. This cooperation was only possible with the help of We are very happy to welcome them as a sponsor of mYinsanity Hots. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership!






Spartanien is a German Amazon Cashback site. Chose from numerous offers and get rewarded for your participation with vouchers. Spartanien’s variety includes offers which are both free and linked to a purchase. The registration is free and and the choice yours – so let’s go and try it out!


Meik Diefenbach from will stay with team also after this agreement. He has built up the E-Sport structure of Spartanien and he has some words on the topic:

The world keeps turning and we don’t stand still either. Team Spartanien evolves and it is time… time to say goodbye! Bye, bye Team Spartanien! It was a great time, we laughed together, we mourned together, we had comebacks and success. Is this the end? Are we going to quit? Over and out? Everyone who knows me ought to know better!!! Of course not! We will finally do what we wanted to do for so long: We are merging with mYi and join one of the most successful e-sport teams in SC2. Team Spartanien is going to be called mYinsanity and remains a sponsor. I will continue supporting all of this and together with mYi, we will see what we can accomplish in Heroes. And in the mYi team house, the guys can train in a bootcamp and work on their results!



Cédric Schlosser, our very own CEO has his own points to add:

I am extremely happy to welcome Spartanien both as a team and as a sponsor. Meik and me are friends since some years now and this deal would have never been possible without the trust between both parties. We are convinced of the potential these hard working players call their own. With their amazing team atmosphere they fit perfectly to mYinsanity and already the first few days have been a pleasure to work with them. We all think it’s time to conquer our third Blizzard game!

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