mYinsanity expands into Overwatch!

The world could always use more heroes, and today we introduce six more!

After months of being on the lookout for an Overwatch team that has the same goals and aspirations as our organization, we are proud and excited to announce our new roster.

  • Roope “KissA” Kohonen (Captain)
  • Tatu “Kyveri” Jokela
  • Aitor “Aiz0r” Marquinez
  • Ville “Trickwide” Saastamoinen
  • Perttu “Perttu” Puska
  • Valtteri “Whated” Korhonen

An all Finnish team, the expectation moving forward is that they will continue to compete in various European online cups including ESL Go4Overwatch, GosuGamer, etc. while having an opportunity to boot camp at our gaming house in Bern, Switzerland for further improvement and promotional activities. We hope to develop this squad into one that can compete at the highest level while also securing a foothold for mYinsanity in the Overwatch community.

Recent accomplishments for the team include…

  • 1st – Overwatch (PC) 6on6 Heroes Cup #24 Europe
  • 1st – Overwatch (PC) 6on6 Heroes Cup #25 Europe
  • 1st – Overwatch (PC) 6on6 All Stars #4 Europe
  • 3rd – Overwatch (PC) 6on6 Heroes Cup #23 Europe


KissA, the team’s captain, had this to say about joining mYinsanity…

“I’m really proud and thankful to be part of the mYinsanity family. This opportunity gives us the chance to push ourselves towards our goals with a great organization backing us up. mYi’s Overwatch team will be a growing story featuring six promising Finnish talents, who have the desire to become the best. All six players have the potential and will to become professional players with the correct mindset and motivation.

Our long term goal is to reach the top level of the international competitive scene and create sponsorship opportunities for ourselves and our organization. As for short term goals, we will be attending the Finnish LAN Assembly Winter 2017 in February, and hope to do well there and gain some exposure through it. We will also be playing in as many online tournaments as possible, while streaming and creating content for our fans, and fans of mYinsanity.

Our biggest strengths as a team would definitely be the fact that even though we have played together for a while now, we still have fun as a team while we keep our focus on the game and objectives. Also, the new patch is more rewarding and suits our play style better than the previous patch. We look forward to represent mYinsanity in the future and we’d like to thank the organization and it’s sponsors for this opportunity.”

Whated also prepared a statement in regards to signing with mYinsanity…

“Being signed by mYi is a huge opportunity for our team. I have known of mYi from following their other teams in DotA 2 and HotS, and have seen them play throughout the years.

Our team’s strength is that we have known each other for quite a while. We have a good synergy and everyone feels really confident about the team. We don’t forget to have fun while playing, which is really important for the team to stick together for a long time.

Overwatch is a growing e-sport and ever since The World Cup and the announcement of Blizzard’s Overwatch League, the future looks bright. I have a feeling that Overwatch’s e-sports scene will grow exponentially during the next year and we will definitely see more and more as this game matures.”

Kerry “Halcyon” Murray, General Manager for mYinsanity welcomes the team…

“I am so happy to finally say that we have an Overwatch roster! I have been in many talks with many great teams over the last few months and to find one that shares the same goals as mYinsanity is a very rewarding experience. I am excited to build a strong relationship with this team while supporting them in their quest to become one of the best teams in Europe.

The opportunities that we provide with help from our sponsors to better themselves competitively and also grow a fan base, are so beneficial to this developing team. I am eager to work with them on some of the projects we have planned, and accomplishing our goals together.”


To celebrate our expansion into Overwatch, mYinsanity is running a giveaway which you can enter here to win a copy of Overwatch – Origins Edition for the PC! 

Also be sure to check out our Overwatch team page for all of their social media links, and be sure to follow for updates on tournaments, streaming schedules, and general team news!

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