mYinsanity partners with GoodGamer and Sc2ReplayStats!

There is nothing more we enjoy here at mYinsanity than partnering with other eSports organizations that share the same values as we do. With that said, we are so very pleased to announce our partnerships with both GoodGamer and Sc2ReplayStats!

Also from Switzerland, GoodGamer is a community looking to balance the game of life by having millions of gamers make micro-donations to the most effective charities through in-game item purchases.

Imagine buying a mYinsanity decorated M4A1 in CS:GO, where a percentage of the cost is donated to Child’s Play. Each item could also be bound to a specific charity, so not only could you shop for an item you need, but a charity you’d like to support as well! Of course, this system has not yet been implemented, but it is a goal of theirs to achieve with support from friends.


This is where mYinsanity comes in. We love this idea, and are willing to do anything it takes to make it a reality. Here are a few things you can do to help move the project along…

  • Spread the word!
  • Like the GoodGamer Facebook page!
  • Help them get in touch with Valve!
  • If you’re a game developer or represent an eSports team, get in touch with them!

Good-Gamer has its roots in Switzerland, and so I’m thrilled to be working together with mYinsanity, Switzerland’s premier e-sports team. We believe this is the beginning of an exciting gaming community project which will do a lot of good, and mYinsanity’s support brings us one step closer to realizing our vision.

– Kaspar Gertsch, Co-Founder


As someone who is a strong advocate of charity work, I was so excited to hear of this new venture. Everyone has their own personal reasons for giving to the charities they do, and this is just another way to show support while shopping for that new hat in Team Fortress 2. I’m afraid I may need to get a third job if this organization succeeds in their goal.

Kerry “Halcyon” Murray, Editor in Chief



It’s truly shocking how many people still don’t know this excellent website exists. Sc2ReplayStats is a unique StarCraft 2 replay hosting system with custom statistics. If you are one of those players who really like to dig deep into your statistics and find ways to improve based on numbers, than this site is for you. If you are a streamer, this site offers up some tools in which you can use to enhance your viewers experience through on-screen statistics display and channel interaction. Here are some quick features this program offers to free users of the site…

  • Downloadable program which when running, will automatically upload replays to the site
  • The ability to set your profile as Private or Public
  • Win/Loss percentages based on various combinations of…
    • Race
    • League
    • Map
    • Game Length
  • Comprehensive Unit Stats
  • Clan Tag Statistics
  • A History of opponents played including…
    • Win/Loss Record
    • First/Last Played
    • Average Game Length
  • Sc2ReplayStats Twitch Bot
    • Will post a link to your last uploaded replay in your twitch channel shortly after the game was played. Can include statistics like APM, current session stats, units killed, etc.
  • Ladder Challenges
    • Used as motivation to ladder, the user can choose which amount of games he would like to realistically play each week, through different levels (Lvl1 – 5 games per week, Lvl2 – 10 games per week, etc.) The system then tracks your progress along with others in your level and ranks the players depending on the weekly requirement of games played.
    • You can also create community groups as opposed to levels for groups of friends.


An “Elite” package is available for registered users of the site through a monthly subscription or one time payment of $5/month or $40/year.  By purchasing an Elite account, the following tools become available to further enhance the use of the site.

  • The Training Center
    • Break down your replays by early, mid, and late game while comparing you to the next league above you to help you focus on improving what is important!
  • Replay Searching
    • Find any replays that you might be interested in from your account or any of the public accounts currently using the system.
  • Enhanced Customization
    • Design your account page to better fit your needs
    • All replay statistics available
  • Streaming Overlay
    • A plug in that can be used with either OBS or XSplit. Displays automated in-game sliding panels which show statistics from the previous game played, and also out-game full screen statistics that can be triggered manually.

mYinsanity is a strong supporter of the StarCraft 2 community and we love to work with people who look to bring quality content to our scene. If you would like a preview of some of the features listed above, be sure to check out WinterSmileBlysKIntense, and Sacsri! All of whom have already registered for the Elite package!

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with mYinsanity and hopefully make Sc2ReplayStats an essential service for any StarCraft 2 player or streamer.

Anthony “Breath” Martin, Owner

As a StarCraft 2 player and streamer myself, I have found that Sc2ReplayStats has given me another avenue to improve the quality of my play as well as the quality of my stream through the use of statistics.  I can see where my weak points are in my play, and work to correct them. I can also discuss these same stats on stream with my viewers to increase the amount of interaction I have in my channel. If you play StarCraft 2, this is a must have tool!

Kerry “Halcyon” Murray, Editor in Chief

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