mYinsanity presents League of Legends Switzerland

After our successful comeback into the Swiss eSports scene by signing our first Swiss DotA2 team a few of weeks ago, we are now also expanding into League of Legends. LoL is currently the biggest game in the Swiss eSports scene and we are hoping to leave a big mark with our new players.

We are thrilled to announce our recent additions to the mYinsanity family…

Mika “Darnnos” Freitag (Toplane)
Adani “Dracinis” Abutto (Jungler)
Michael “Swissi” von Tavonati (Midlane)
Joel “Cpt Shibe” Albrecht (AD Carry)
Dario “Hype” Bicker (Support / Team Captain)

Our team consists of the former players of team Momentum, all have played together for quite a while and are experienced. The team was recently able to show their potential in the first qualifiers of the Swiss League of Legends Nationals where they managed to get a second and a fourth place finish. They have also proven their ability to show great games on offline events such as the “Butterlan” where they achieved second place.

We talked with the team captain “Hype”, about the new League of Legends team and his thoughts on leading the squad:

Hi Dario. How is it going? How is the team doing these days?

I’m currently still studying for my exams but besides that its going really good. The team is doing well, the atmosphere is great and I feel that we are developing our gameplay into the right direction.

You changed the AD-Carry of your team just a while ago, do you think it was the right decision and did it work out so far ?

We are really happy to have “Shibe” back in our lineup and feel that it was the right decision to make that change. We are harmonising very well in the botlane and also out of the game we get along really good.

What are your goals in the upcoming months?

We are going to practice for a great finish at the Swiss Nationals and the upcoming LAN events and we hope to be able to represent mYinsanity well!

What did you always want to say to RIOT?:




We want to give our newest players a warm welcome to mYinsanity and wish them a great time under our banner. Make sure to cheer for our new lineup in the upcoming Swiss Nationals, and if you’re from Switzerland, make sure to cheer for our team at the offline finals at the SwitzerLAN!

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