mYinsanity and PtitDrogo at BlizzCon 2016

Our very own PtitDrogo will be competing at BlizzCon 2016

It’s that time of the year again where 16 of the best StarCraft II players gather to battle it out and claim the World Title in Anaheim, California. BlizzCon is the culmination of an entire year’s hard work and everyone attending is ready to put it all on the line.

This year was a little bit out of the ordinary though. The final weeks leading up to Blizzcon saw 2 of the premier candidates back out of contention. First it was announced Hydra would not be attending Blizzcon due to overlap in schedule. Hydra will be getting married and is looking towards starting his mandatory military service. This meant Elazer would be invited as an attendee in stead of Hydra.

Just this week brought another surprise as Polt, the only terran qualified in the WCS Global standings, announced he would be retiring alltogether. Polt has completed his studies in America and will be returning to Korea to start his mandatory military service too. This change brought about huge news for the French Protoss player PtitDrogo, playing for mYinsanity. Drogo was not qualified for Blizzcon by less then 70 points, but nevertheless he didn’t expect to be called upon. Let’s see who Drogo will be facing and what his own idea is about his group.

Drogo’s Group

Ptitdrogo has been seeded into Group A for the 2016 WCS Global Finals. In that group he’ll be facing Dark, Snute and Stats.

Dark is a top tier Korean Zerg, who has shown some decent performances this year. His run through the Korean standings has been quite impressive and he’ll be looking to keep it going. Dark placed in the top 12 in this year first GSL season, he also took down Stats in the SSL Finals with a 4-2 victory.

Snute is one of Europe’s best Zerg players. Snute’s ZvZ is very good and he has shown this time and again against some of the best players around. PtitDrogo and Snute faced each other in the Gold Series International this year, where Snute was able to take the win with a 3-2 score.

Stats is a Korean Protoss player. Whereas he has been a staple in the Korean scene for quite some time, his 2016 wasn’t the best by any means. Stats wasn’t qualified for the Season 1 GSL and a dissapointing performance in the GSL Code A. He has faced Dark previously this year and he was quite easily beaten with a 2-4 score in the favor of Dark.


When asked about his group and being able to attend Blizzcon PtitDrogo had the following to say;

Blizzcon is the most prestigious tournament in the world as a Starcraft 2 player. Obviously
I’ll be there as a replacement, but I’m hyped nonetheless!
After failing in the WESG and the KeSPA cup, I figured I might as well take my first break
of the year and take the time to see my family and friends. In the middle of my break I
received an e-mail from Blizzard, stating I was invited to attend Blizzcon. So even though
it’s not ideal, it’ll have to do haha!
If I would have been in a group with top tier Terran/Protoss Koreans my chances would
have been close to zero. Because of that, I feel very happy to be in a group with two Zerg
players. My Protoss versus Zerg is actually at a very good level right now. I’m confident I
will be no pushover versus Dark, because no matter how good the Zerg is, at the end of
the day I have adepts and he doesn’t 😉

mYinsanity has been represented in StarCraft at BlizzCon ever since our first appearance in 2014 with Stardust. Sadly neither him nor Rain in 2015 did quite make it to the finals, however maybe this time PtitDrogo will outdo his expectations. You can check out all the previous mYI players Blizzcon matches right here!

BlizzCon promises to be another great tournament filled with top of the line StarCraft II talent, great casters and hopefully an awesome crowd! Hope to see you all there!

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