mYinsanity says goodbye to Jjakji

Today we have a very sad piece of news to share with you all. One of the key figures in the development of our StarCraft 2 roster and a cherished member of our family will be departing the team. Today, mYinsanity says goodbye to Jjakji as he begins his search for opportunities on a KeSPA team.

As soon as Jjakji joined our ranks, he proved just how important a player he would be to us with a top 6 finish in GSL right off the bat. While Jjakji never claimed a title while he was on mYinsanity, he became one of the most consistent performers in the foreign tournament circuit, attending 17 premier tournaments under the mYinsanity banner. 2014 in particular was a great year for him as Jjakji claimed the runner up spot at Dreamhack Moscow as well as two semifinal finishes in IEM Sao Paulo and the WCS Europe Premier League Season 1 and 4th place at Dreamhack Winter.

In team leagues, Jjakji became the undisputed ace of the team. Boasting an incredible 62-15 win record in team leagues, he was in no small part the reason we were able to participate in the Acer Teamstory Cup 3, netting 9 of the 10 wins that qualified us (including an all kill against the now defunct IvD Gaming). For a long time, mYinsanity was referred to as Team Jjakji; such was his influence on our team.

We wish Jjakji all the best on the next step of his journey. He has been a fantastic member of our family and we will miss him greatly.
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