mYinsanity sponsors the “High Yield Podcast”

mYinsanity is delighted to announce it’s sponsorship of the newly released “High Yield Podcast“, a bi-weekly audio only show which aims to bring focused discussion to various topics relating to the NA/EU StarCraft II scene through edited and condensed conversations between the two hosts Troy Pavlek and Ravi “Feardragon” Pareek.

The “High Yield Podcast” had published it’s first episode on August 22nd which discussed the pros and cons of foreign team leagues, and received much praise from the StarCraft II community for it’s flow of conversation and sound quality.  The group will continue to release upcoming episodes on SoundCloud, which is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.  You can listen to the first episode of the “High Yield Podcast” here!

This sponsorship deal marks the beginning of mYinsanity’s effort to expand it’s reach into North America, while building solid relationships with existing organizations.


Kerry “Halcyon” Murray, mYinsanity’s Editor-in-Chief had this to say about the new sponsorship:

When I joined mYinsanity earlier this year it was determined that part of my new role would be to lead an effort to expand our brand into North America, as I currently reside in Ottawa, Canada.  I’ve always been a proud supporter of the North American StarCraft scene, and I’m excited to be in a position where I can now assist in developing programs with those that have similar ideals.

This is such a great first step, as both Troy and Ravi are respected members of the StarCraft II NA community and work hard at presenting remarkable content.  I look forward to a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with them and hope to bring some positive influence to fans of North American, as well as European StarCraft II.


“High Yield Podcast” host Troy Pavlek says:

In our first episode we specifically called out mYi as one of the teams that was able to grow from an amateur, small-scale organization into the pro-level powerhouse it is today.

Now, from Episode 2 on, mYi will be helping us grow from the small-scale podcast into the powerhouse-show we aim to be.  I simply couldn’t have chosen a better sponsor to grow with.


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