mYinsanity vs YoeFW Showmatch

Last week I shared a lovely story about alcohol and chicken wings with you.  This week I have no story to share, however I am sure we will write a new one in this upcoming clash!

After a nailbiting epic of a showmatch last week vs MVP, we’ve decided to organize another clanwar showmatch for $200.  This time we face off against none other than the Yoe Flash Wolves!  Both teams will be putting $100 up for grabs in this best of 7 proleague style showmatch.  Casting will once more be provided by BaseTradeTV, and we’re looking forward to another great series!


Date/Time: Thursday, March 05 2:00pm CET (GMT+01:00)

Expedition Lost – Sacsri vs Ian
Deadwing – Blysk vs San
Secret Spring – Jjakji vs Parting
Catallena – Serral vs Vanilla
Overgrowth – Kane vs Has
Vaani Research Station – Rain vs Leenock
Acematch on Inferno Pools

Tune in live on BasetradeTV!


Be sure to check back in a few days for a complete review of how the series went down!


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