mYinsanity welcomes CS:GO Team

For a while now there has been a Swiss CS:GO team running around with a mYinsanity tag, and today we are happy to officially announce them as a part of our organisation. The team which was previously called “Five-M” is about to make it’s offline debut this weekend at SwitzerLAN in Bern.

Their goal is to take home the CS:GO Tournament, which is another qualifier for the Swiss CS:GO Championship.  Even though they have already claimed a spot for the finals, they’re willing to take another title and strengthen their position as one of the Top 3 CS:GO teams in Switzerland.

Three weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting them in the mYinsanity Gaming House for a CS:GO bootcamp and an introductory weekend.  The team consists of six players, one of them which acts as a manager and also an alternate if someone is not able to play.  People which are familiar with mYinsanity and the Swiss E-Sport scene might even recognize some of the names.

All of them have a sustained history in CS:GO, therefore we’re confident about the future development of this team.


  • Marco “blAke” Bugno (Manager, Alternate)
  • Michael “chline” Bieri (Rifler)
  • Manuel “mori” Schuler (Rifler)
  • Michael “emkey” Ritter (AWP)
  • Daniel “RadiaX” Coya (Rifler)
  • Marc “UdK” Hodler (Ingame Leader)

Read more about them on our team page.


blAke may be recognized by most of you for his Youtube hits “VACation day” or “Stay frosty”.  If you’re into E-Sport songs, you should definitely check out his channel and listen to some of his songs.  There’s even a lot of StarCraft and League of Legends content if you browse his past videos.


We’re even more happy to have a short Statement from blAke:

“We are proud to be a part of mYinsanity and will give our best to bring home some worthy trophies. Our primary goal right now is to win the Swiss Championships and after that, we have some even bigger goals that we have set for ourselves. When we first started the team at the beginning of this year, we didn’t expect to be a part of the most successful Swiss Esports organization, but I always believed in the potential of our players. Now is the time to prove our worth in our first offline event at SwitzerLAN, which will be great competition and good fun!”  


Remo “rMo” Blaser had this to say about the new CS:GO team…

“I for myself am a big fan of the growing CS:GO scene nowadays, and I’m happy to finally have a Swiss CS:GO team under the mYinsanity banner. We’re really looking forward to the upcoming CS:GO Championship and the development of this team. Make sure to cheer for them this weekend at SwitzerLAN, where they will be looking to take home their first tournament win as a part of mYinsanity.”


mYinsanity is eagerly looking forward to our CS:GO team attending many national and international events including the Swiss CS:GO Championship finals at the Netgame Convention.

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