mYinsanity welcomes Han “aLive” Lee Seok

Today we further solidify our foothold in StarCraft 2 by bringing into the mYinsanity family, one of the best Terran players in the world.

Since the unfortunate disbanding of various Korean teams last fall, many top level players have flooded the free agent market these last few months. As some players have come to find a new home with foreign teams such as ByuN with Team Expert, Stats with Splyce, herO with OSC-ROOT and GuMiho with PsiStorm; it’s certainly a positive sign to see organizations investing further into Korean StarCraft 2, and we are so very happy to be a pillar of support once again.

aLive comes to us on the back of an impressive 3rd-4th place finish at the IEM Season XI – World Championship where he went 5-0 in the group stage by defeating players such as Jjakji, Harstem, Neeb, TY and Stats. He would also go on to beat Ryung and INnoVation in the bracket stage, but unfortunately fall in a rematch with TY in the semifinals of the tournament.



Check out an interview we did with aLive back in 2015 as Skye Bui posed some interesting questions to our would be player!


Back at home, aLive is currently playing in Season 1 of the StarCraft II StarLeague Premier and just recently finished competing in Season 1 of the Global StarCraft II League Code S. He is looking to improve his chances at qualifying for the 2017 WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon, as he currently sits in seventh place of the eight players to qualify from WCS Korea.

Among playing in premier offline tournaments and leagues, you can find him competing in almost every online tournament that exists such as OlimoLeague, TING Open, The Gauntlet, SHOUTcraft Kings, WardiTV Weekly, and many others. In between events both offline and online, you will find him practicing and streaming on his Twitch channel.

aLive has prepared a statement for his fans about this new adventure with mYinsanity, and we thank Golden for offering to translate…

“I am a slave of Golden from now on. Obey a supreme leader of StarCraft 2 or you get banned. I am really glad to be citizen of Democratic republic of Golden.”

After pressing Golden a little further, I uncovered the accurate translation of aLive’s message…

“Hello, I am glad that I have opportunity to join mYi team this time, and I will do my best to take this opportunity and pay back mYi with good grades.”

StarCraft 2 Team Manager Mark “Yogmark” Meijdam said this about aLive joining the team…

“I feel now that after months of rebuilding, we have reached a point where we can proudly say we field a very well rounded team. We have PtitDrogo and aLive, two world class players on either side of the WCS circuit. ShaDoWn is developing nicely into a premier player. Beastyqt and Smile are both great players who can have breakout performances at any time. Finally we have the charismatic Golden, who streams regularly and entertains his many fans. I am very satisfied with the diversity and success of the mYinsanity StarCraft 2 division.”

You can catch aLive playing tomorrow night in the StarCraft II StarLeague Premier against Dark, so come on out and support mYinsanity’s newest member.


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To celebrate aLive joining with mYinsanity, we are offering up a fantastic prize bundle that includes the following items:

  • Logitech G Pro Keyboard
  • €50 in G2A gift cards
  • 2017 mYinsanity jersey signed by aLive
  • StarCraft 2 Battle Chest

Simply enter here and earn multiple chances at winning by supporting aLive, mYinsanity and our sponsors!

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