mYinsanity Welcomes Liva!

By now, you've probably heard the news about our latest signing in the Super Smash Bros. Community; Geeky Goon Squad’s fearless leader, Liva, is now with mYinsanity!

Signing Philipp ” Liva” Bürkne  also means that mYinsanity is  now the main sponsor for the popular Super Smash Bros. stream, Geeky Goon Squad. Liva is arguably the top streamer in terms of consistency and quality for the European smash scene. In addition to Super Smash Bros. Liva has expanded his company to cover Starcraft II, Street Fighter, Tekken, Pokemon, Persona 4 Arena, and even Mario Party.

liva running stream (1)

Liva running the stream – credit to Geeky Goon Squad

Inspired by the high standards set by American Smash Bros. streams VGBootcamp and Showdown Smash, Liva and GGS have continued to raise the bar for streaming quality. In addition to his consistent streaming quality for events like DreamHack, the B.E.A.S.T. series, and Helix, Liva has pioneered new streaming features for the viewer’s enjoyment.


These new features include an interactive online casino for viewers to place bets on the streamed matches, an instant reply feature so that viewers can relive hype moments of a set, and even a self-coded program for immediate YouTube uploads of tournament sets. Geeky Goon Squad has played a significant role in growing the European Smash Bros. scene to what it is today.



On top of founding and running GGS, Liva has built up a very impressive resume having been a part of other big streams like Salty Playground and VGBootcamp. With his past and present successes, Liva is undoubtedly one of the premier streamers within the fighting game community. If you want to see more of what Liva in action, be sure to check out his behind the scene streaming operation at DreamHack 2016.





A Few Words from Liva


How does it feel joining the mYinsanity team?

 It feels great. The idea was already floating around for the last few month but now it’s finally official. Being part of mYi is the next step for me to become bigger and being able to focus more on relevant things like pushing the production value forward.


What sort of door or new projects does this sponsorship open up for you and GGs?

Like I said, there are a lot of projects. I guess, right now I have about 2-3 projects close to completion and close to 10 other projects that are still up in the air. When if comes to ideas, I have a ton. I’d need a development team of about 10 people to even realize everything that I have on my mind.

This sponsorship basically ensures the future existence of GGs, well, more like it makes it a lot easier. Being in Europe is a huge issue in terms of live streaming, competing or TOing. A lot of people say that if I were located in USA it (GGs) would be super simple to survive, but this isn’t the case, so I have to deal with it. mYi and GGs are working on new ideas, projects, and events to push the smash scene further in EU.

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