mYinsanity welcomes Mustafa “Ice” Akcakaya

With the ever growing popularity of the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, it was only fitting that we expand our team with the addition of Mustafa "Ice" Akcakaya.  A well known European Melee player who is pushing to become recognized as a premier international player.

Believe it or not, Smash has had a competitive history dating back to 2002! It has been with the support of many grassroots tournaments and events that the game has gained enough fame to be included in this year’s Dreamhack London and Winter series.  Previously, the largest Smash tournaments have been Apex, Evo, and more recently Super Smash Con which have combined to total a prize pool of over $50,000!


Unlike most other fighting games where you simply fight until your opponents health bar is empty, the goal in Smash is to launch your opponent off the stage and out of the map resulting in them losing a life or “stock” as described in game.  You do this by dealing damage to your opponent over time, which allows you to knock them back farther as their damage total rises from 0-999%.

Competitive games generally follow variations of stocks and timers depending on which version of Smash is played, with special power-up items turned off.  There are many aspects of gameplay such as attacking, grabbing, shielding, edge-guarding, etc.  If you would like to know more you can check out this beginners guide to competitive play.

mYinsanity’s foray into the competitive Smash scene begins with Mustafa “Ice” Akcakaya, who is regarded as the best German player and previously as the best “Sheik” player in the world, before switching his main character to “Fox”.


Ice began playing competitive Smash in 2008, and in 2013 gained international acclaim as he placed 7th at EVO 2013.  Ice is also listed at #17 in the top 25 Smash players of 2015 provided by “Melee It On Me“, a well respected bi-weekly podcast that discusses news and headlines within the Smash community.

Ice had this to say about joining the mYi family…

“I’m really happy to join mYi.  I’m looking forward to representing the team to the best of my ability and I will make sure to improve a lot while doing so.”

Stefan “PengWin” Mott expressed his excitement on expanding into Smash and the signing of Ice…

“We’ve been big fans of Smash here at mYinsanity for a long time, and so we’ve been talking on and off about picking up a smasher to represent us.  Finally, we’re able to welcome Ice to the family, and I’m thrilled that we’re making our step into the smash scene with him. It seemed only fitting that as a European team we’d look to one of Europe’s finest to lead the charge in this new venture, and I can’t think of anybody better to do so than Ice.”

Be sure to watch Ice debut for us at Dreamhack London, which is from Sept.19th-20th at the Copperbox Arena! He will also be competing at Dreamhack Winter where he will look to finish the year off strong and head into a very exciting 2016!

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