mYinsanity welcomes Swiss DotA2 team

In the last two years we have been working towards expanding into the international scene within all aspects of our team.  However, mYinsanity has always been a strong presence in the Swiss eSports scene and we have not forgotten that. With eSports and DotA2 especially being on the rise again in Switzerland, we feel that it is time to go back to our roots!

We are thrilled to announce our first Swiss DotA2 lineup.

David “Davy” Morf – Captain & Midlane
Flurin “Flu” Bandli – Carry
Michael “VincentVega” Solari  – Offlane
Benjamin “SSNOOWWBOARDING” Gantner – Support
Nicolas “Asharon” Bizirianis – Support

Our team consists of two veterans from the Swiss eSports scene. Davy, a former Warcraft 3 EPS Champion and Asharon, who was part of some of the most successful Counterstrike 1.6 teams in Switzerland. Both being former members of the original DotA nationteam in Switzerland.
We also welcome Flu back to the mYinsanity roster. Flu had played for mYinsanity’s Starcraft 2 team since the very beginning and managed to climb to the top ranks of Switzerland’s Starcraft 2 players in no time. Together with these very experienced players we also bring some fresh blood in the form of VincentVega and SSNOOWWBOARDING – two very strong and motivated players to complete our Lineup.

We talked with the team captain Davy, about our new DotA2 team and his thoughts on leading the squad:

What are the teams goals in the upcoming months?

Our first goal is clearly to win the upcoming Swiss IeSF final and then show the best possible performance in Poland! We also plan to attend some of the bigger Swiss LAN party’s later this year.


Where do you see our new Swiss lineup in comparison to other international DotA2 teams?

Sadly we are still not able to keep up with the better international teams. Switzerland is clearly lacking talented players who were able to gather the needed experience in the last few years. I have the feeling that it will always be a great challenge for teams from Switzerland to be successful in some competitive games including DotA2.


With the upcoming Swiss Championship and multiple Swiss LAN party’s picking up DotA2 in their main tournaments we have seen growth in the Swiss scene. Other games such as CS:GO and LoL are still the bigger players in Switzerland, what do you think is missing in the DotA2 scene to catch up to those games?

I am really happy that our scene is on the move lately, there are definitely enough players around to form a big scene. The thing currently lacking is a good community page with a national championship such as the EPS / EPS.Alpen back in the days. We need a place to meet and talk with other players.  The new SwissDC community was a step in the right direction, but it still lacks a lot of the features that good old community’s such as or GamersNet offered when Swiss eSports was at its peak!



We want to give our newest players a warm welcome to mYinsanity and wish them a great time under our banner. Make sure to cheer for our new Lineup in the upcoming IeSF qualifier, and if you’re from Switzerland, make sure to join us in Zurich for the offline final!

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