mYinsanity wins ESL Euro Series Winter 2013

The Starcraft 2 team was in action once again this weekend playing in the Grand Final of the ESL Euro Series Winter 2013, with a €5000 prizepool. Team Acer, who were dispatched by mYinsanity in the semi-final, defeated team MiA in the consolation final to take third place.

In the grand final we were matched against the European powerhouse team and defending champions, Mousesports. Mousesports, led by the current GSL Code S champion, Baek “Dear” Dong Jun, have made every ESL Euro Series final, placing second and first respectively.

mYinsanity fielded a strong lineup consisting of Alex “ABomB” Thomas, Radosław “DaNa” Danowski, Jung “Jjakji” Ji Hoon and Son “StarDust” Suk Hee. Sam “Kane” Morrissette, who had frequently been used throughout the tournament, is currently back in Canada and opted not to play.

The first series was to be between Jjakji and mousesports’ iconic German Protoss player and captain, Dennis “HasuObs” Schneider. Game one saw the two players executing solid macro based play, but ended abruptly when Jjakji pushed out and nuked HasuObs’ third expansion while engaging his army simultaneously.

In the second game, HasuObs attempted a more aggressive style, going for a two base blink play. Jjakji was under heavy pressure, and had at one point lost twenty workers, but managed to defend and close out the game with a well executed counter attack just before the Protoss’ psionic storm had been researched.

Being down a series, mousesports put their faith in Code S champion Dear to equalize the match, facing off against mYinsanity’s Polish talent DaNa. Despite a heroic effort, including an especially close game one, Dear proved to be a level above and quite comfortably took down DaNa 2-0.

The next series was another rather one sided affair, with StarDust taking out Terran player Gabriel “HeRoMaRinE” Segat 2-0. Game two was a passive game and ended with some well placed storms, as many PvTs before it.

Spanish Zerg ace, Juan “VortiX” Moreno Durán, was now under pressure to defeat his opponent ABomB, in order to bring the game to an ace match. Game one was perhaps the most entertaining until this point, seeing ABomB’s agressive warp prism play pitted against the rather static play of Vortix, who chose to go for swarm hosts and brood lords. In the end, the Zerg’s army proved too strong in a head on fight, and VortiX managed to squeeze out a very narrow win.

If the first game was the most entertaining of the evening, the second one had to be the most disappointing, as ABomB swiftly fell victim to an unscouted slow zergling all-in. The game ended quickly and forced an ace match.

Both teams sent out their strongest players in the forms of Jjakji and Dear for the ace. In game one eleven thousand viewers saw the Protoss take a fairly straight forward win as jjakji had no response to the colossi. mYinsanity was now on the ropes, as one more loss would see them finish runner up.

The second game saw an aggressive jjakji try to break Dear, who went for three fast bases. Dear shut down every move from the Terran and all seemed lost, so Jung pulled the often used desperation move by pulling all his workers and going all in. With miraculous EMPs on the high templar of Dear, jjakji managed to barely break the third base of the Protoss and take the game.

The third and final map started with Dear pressuring jjakji, who refused to budge. Dear then lost his Mothership Core and the Terran launched a counter attack, striking before the Protoss had energy for a Photon Overcharge or storm researched. Jjakji crippled him enough to ensure that, after sending wave after wave of Terran units, he could close out the final match in favour of mYinsanity.

With €2,500 in the pocket, mYinsanity are now reigning champions of the EES. Even though many close games were had, especially against teams such as Acer and mousesports, the team pulled through. Not many would have predicted mYinsanity as the winner at the start of the season, but the players showed that this team will be a force to be reckoned with in 2014.

mYinsanity would like to thank ESL for a well run competition and we hope to see you again next season!

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