mYinsanity wins the Swiss DC League & changes roster

Our team has triumphed at the Swiss DC League and is also announcing roster changes. Find out more!

Our Dota 2 team has achieved another victory! This time it was Swiss DC League, where after 20 weeks our team had 42 points, accumulating 19 victories and 2 draws among all their matches. They were 7 points ahead of the 2nd team, Honeymen, and the 3rd place team, Red Panda Lifting. There, our team has once again proven that their role of favorites is not undeserved and they won the grand prize once again. But, despite that, our team has an announcement regarding roster too.

After a long time with a stable roster in our Swiss Dota 2 team, the players decided that this roster will undergo some changes in order to progress. Our long-standing players, Michael “VincentVega” Solari, Dominic “odom” Esquivias will be departing from the team, while Nicolas “asharon” Bizirianis will be retiring from the active play and will stay with the team as a sub. Our new additions to the team are Swedish offlane player Jami “Guru” Pekkarinen, Dutch mid player Michel “Mouse” Kappelhof and Swiss support player Daniel “Blacki” Stephan.

Here are some words from our captain David “davy” Morf on our roster changes and future plans:

First I want to say thanks to my good friends and old teammates. We actually managed to dominate the swiss dota scene for quite some time now and it was a hell of a ride. From the start where we’ve won the IeSF qualifier, the SwitzerLAN victories, nearly managing to reaching the division 1 playoffs up until now where we have won the Swiss DC league convincingly – I can be very proud of my team. Of course we had up and downs as most teams but we always stayed calm and tried our best.Nevertheless I have to admit, that some things were missing for me the latest 6 months. The fire and passion wasn’t really shared by everyone that’s why I decided to try out something new. I am looking forward to keep improving and playing with the new team members and I want to aim for even higher goals.


Also, our new players had something to add:

I’m glad to be part of the new mYi Dota 2 roster, I’m confident that we can make lots of improvements and new victories with the new roster. Also I want to thank davy who has given me the opportunity to prove myself, as I am the youngest of our squad. I’m very happy to have team members with much more experience surrounding me.

After meeting most of the guys at the SwitzerLAN I am excited to team up with them. I noticed that while playing against mYi at the SwitzerLAN we often got outdrafted super hard, so now with Davy and the other members at my side, I feel confident that we will do well in the JDL and the Swiss league.

After having been a standin for mYi’s old roster and almost beating team Imperial in a rough 2-1 I am glad to have fully joined and I am very confident to say that we will have good results with the new mYi roster. Hard work is needed, but hard work will come from all of us and we will give our best to deliver.

We wish our team good luck in their following ventures and stay tuned for announcements on our new victories.

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