mYinsanity’s Heroes of the Storm debut at Dreamhack All-Stars – 2015 Winter Clash

Our boys are back from Jönköping, Sweden and holding their heads high after a thrilling tournament which saw them finish in the top four of the Dreamhack All-Stars - 2015 Winter Clash! This was their first live event under the mYinsanity banner after being acquired from Team Spartanien, and their performance exceeded everyone's expectations.

Group Stage

The tournament began on November 26th that saw mYinsanity in Group A with such notable teams as Dignitas, ROCCAT, and TCM. In their first game against ROCCAT, they were behind for most of the time being a few levels down throughout. At one point however they won a skirmish in the middle of the map, and with that small window of opportunity, pushed the enemy teams core and won. In games two and three, mYinsanity made some aggressive plays which resulted in them being out of position and therefore surrounded by the enemy team. They fought valiantly, and unfortunately lost the series 2-1. Game 1 Game 2 – Not yet available Game 3 Nils “Nurok” Gebhardt, the captain of the mYinsanity HotS team had this to say about his team’s performance in their first series…

We’re known as one of the more aggressive teams in Europe so obviously we wanted to live up on our own reputation. It was our first series at an offline event as a team and we did A LOT of individual mistakes and also had some communication issues, since everybody was kinda nervous. Looking back on the series, we probably should have done less mistakes and relaxed a little bit more, that’s pretty much it. We were struggling more than we should have been (even though ROCCAT is a strong team), but we were not playing our best.

  mYinsanity’s next opponent was TCM, and in game one they played more patiently in taking out the keeps of their opponent. They then waited for the opportune time to attack the core with incredible burst damage, which resulted in a win. Game two was a good old fashioned slug fest with many mosh pits and momentum swinging back and forth between both teams. The climax of the game saw mYinsanity up against a boss once again in the middle of the map while TCM looked for an easy mosh pit. Our boys somehow fought their way through it, and killed all heroes on TCM before rushing the core and sealing the series up 2-0. Game 1 Game 2 Nurok discusses the coordination shown to eliminate the boss as well as the entire TCM team before taking out the core in game two…

We were sure to get that Boss in the end. Blumbi and I made that call actually. I was trying to zone and win time with my Force Walls, which paid off pretty well. Afterwards a countercall was made to back off, which confused our own team in that scenario. After a lot of hesitation and chaos we still managed to wipe the enemy team and get the boss as well and eventually won the game.



Nurok gives a post match interview in regards to his team’s playstyle

  The final match of the group stage was a rematch as mYinsanity took on ROCCAT once again. The story of game one was the crazy ending which saw both cores under attack. Although all of ROCCAT’s players were present at mYinsanity’s core, Nurok was the only hero present at the ROCCAT core. A critical mistake was made by ROCCAT as no one decided to retreat and deal with Nurok, which resulted in him being able to bring down ROCCAT’s core and win the game for mYinsanity. Game two saw mYinsanity prove it’s dominance as a premier HotS team as they manhandled ROCCAT and after some great positioning and skirmish wins, took the easy win and moved into the semifinals versus Fnatic. Game 1 Game 2 Nurok’s thoughts on moving into the semifinals in dramatic fashion…

Our goal was to reach the top four and we achieved that by beating ROCCAT in the rematch. So yeah, we were definetely more relaxed and confident after the series. We also thought that we might beat Fnatic in the semifinals and be able to show what we’re capable of.



It was mYinsanity versus Fnatic in the semifinals of the Dreamhack All-Stars – 2015 Winter Clash. They surprised everyone by controlling the immortal and poking where they could, playing another clever game one where only five heroes were killed in total. They showed great coordination and consistent effort in playing their versatile style of play. Games two, three and four saw Fnatic take the driver’s seat however, as they retained the talent level advantage through all three games and upset the Cinderella run made by the mYinsanity team. Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 – Not yet available Game 4 – Not yet available Nurok had this to say about winning game one and the three game slide that followed, which led to their tournament elimination…

We kinda lost our momentum for no reason in game 2 and from that point on, the series was really hard for us to win.

  Congratulations to our new Heroes of the Storm team on such a great first tournament! As we look forward to 2016, the expectations are high that the team will continue it’s recent success and will only improve over time. Nurok had this message regarding the recent roster changes and the future of the team…

After the tragic loss of Crozzby and also

Wubby, we were thinking about our future roster for 2016. Chances are fairly high that we might even have a stronger roster than before, but I can’t really say anything about it just yet. You will have to find out in the next year!

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