mYinsanity’s Heroes Team Qualifies for Katowice!

The Final Qualifier for the European Heroes Spring Championship took place last weekend to select the final two teams headed to Katowice.

After three grueling weeks, the teams with the highest points that hadn’t yet qualified were invited to the Final Qualifier to make a last ditch effort at participating in IEM Katowice. Although competing against many strong teams, notably Monkeys of the Storm, The Sandwich Monkeys, and the Polish team Go), our Heroes of the Storm team pulled through alongside Pigs in Blankets for a trip to Katowice to participate in the regional championship!

Admittedly, it hasn’t been an easy road for the team. Though mYinsanity fought admirably in the previous qualifiers, they were consistently eliminated by some of the best teams in the league. In the first qualifier, they found themselves matched against noname team GoogleIshetZont, who happened to be having a rockstar performance that weekend. The second and third qualifiers saw them drop to Monkeys of the Storm and EU powerhouse Na`Vi, both strong contenders. Even navigating through the Final Qualifier was quite difficult.

mYinsanity was dropped to the lower bracket early on by The Sandwich Monkeys (TSaM) in a close 2-1 series. Nonetheless, mYi trekked tenaciously back through the lower bracket against Go) and Bubble Squad to earn a rematch with TSaM, this time winning with a clean 2-0 sweep to claim their spot at the regional event.



mYinsanity on their way to Katowice!

A large part of the team’s success lies with their trademark aggression mixed with new and interesting Hero combinations. Double Warrior and fascinating double Assassin compositions were used consistently to dive enemy Heroes with great success. Nurok showed off an impressive display of Greymane mechanics by chewing through enemy lines to take down enemy Assassins but somehow always making it out of the fray alive. HasuObs also proved that Kael’Thas is still quite strong even after the recent nerfs to his survivability, as long as you maintain pristine positioning. The team isn’t afraid to try out unorthodox strategies or fielding niche picks like Chen, Greymane, or solo healer Tyrande. Even Cho’Gall made an exciting appearance against TSaM on Battlefield of Eternity!

The entertainment value that the Heroes team brings to their games is unique, but results matter too. In a little over two weeks, they will be faced off against the best teams in Europe without a buffer at the EU Spring Championship. With a prize pool of $100,000, everyone is looking to make it deep in the tournament for a large slice of the pie. Playing against teams like Na`Vi, Dignitas, or the new Virtus.Pro for elimination is monumental challenge for anyone, but our team has shown time and time again that they have what it takes to tangle with the best as long as they keep their composure and play to their strengths. This is their chance to make a mark.

The EU Spring Championship will be held on March 5th-6th and will be piggybacking off of IEM Katowice. The Heroes team has confirmed their position and will be heading out with Serral and PtitDrogo, two of mYinsanity’s StarCraft 2 players, in approximately two weeks to compete in their respective tournaments. Make sure to tune and cheer for us as we strive to take on Katowice and bring home the gold!



mYinsanity ESL page

Final Qualifier Bracket

KnowMe VoD of mYinsanity’s Qualifying Run!


Khaldor’s Highlighted Games:

Final Qualifier vs Elysium

Qualifier #3 vs Na`Vi

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