mYinsanity’s Heroines of the Storm

We are very excited to announce and welcome 5 new talented individuals that will form mYinsanity's Heroes of the Storm female team.

It is with much excitement and enthusiasm that we announce 5 new additions to the mYinsanity family. These five talented individuals come together to form mYinsanity’s Heroes of the Storm female team. Please welcome Isabella “Squi” Kardinal, Genefra “Neffi” Pamin, Svenja “Plüschi” Renke, Jennifer “Jenna” Janczewski, and Janna “Kitara” Zahnow. Joining us from Germany, these five ladies are are a tightly knit team of passionate gamers who claim perseverance and diligence as the foundation for their team. We at mYinsanity look forward to working closely with this talented and fearless team. We know they have a lot to offer and we are excited to share all of their future success with the community!

Welcome Ladies!

Team Bio:

  Bella1 Name: Isabella “Squi” Kardinal Position: Specialist Support Age: 24 Where: Nuremberg Occupation: She is currently working on her bachelors in design. After graduating she wants to work as a copywriter in advertising or as a journalist/editor for a magazine. Background: Squi’s passion for gaming began with Pokemon Red for the Gameboy Color and when it wasn’t Pokemon it was Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo. Her passion quick shifted to PC games shortly after discovering World of Warcraft and the rest, as they say, was history. Twitch: Twitter:@Squi__     Neffi1 Name: Genefra “Neffi” Pamin Position: Support Specialist Age: 27 Where: Cologne Occupation: Neffi is a support in real life. She spent 5 years in the medical field and studied law as well but has switched to focusing on game programming. So, if you need any legal “support” you know who to call! She is hopeful that the future will bring opportunities for her to get in the game industry. It’s never to late to reach your dreams! Background: Neffi’s passion for gaming began with the original, old, grey, and bulky Gameboy (Rest In Peace.) Through the years she focused

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on many different games but when she began playing on PC she focused on games like Guild Wars (1) and Ragnarok. To this day she claims Ragnarok Online is a major influence in her life. She began playing Heroes after playing Hearthstone and wanting the Heroes of the Storm Card Back. Twitch: Twitter:@neffi_hots   Plüsch1 Name: Svenja “Plüschi” Renke (Team Captain) Position: Warrior – Assassin Age: 25 Where: Mülheim Occupation: With her constant wish to be active in a team sport Plüschi was working in the social field. She is now extending herself towards a natural way of healing, homeopathy. She finds homeopathy more pleasuring than just classifying people. Background: Plüschi passion for team based games was ignited 8 years ago by World of Warcraft. Following WoW were 4 years of League of Legend and parallel to that were Blizzard games. In early 2012 she began a female based project where girls came together in Summoner’s Rift. This project also sparked the beginning of Plüschi’s friendship with Squi and Jenna. Twitch: Twitter:pluesch_heroes     Jenna1 Name: Jennifer “Jenna” Janczewski Position: Assassin – Warrior Age: 23 Where: Dusseldorf Occupation: PTA in pharmacy and a full-time nerd. Background: Jenna jumped from one console to another before proceeding to PC games. League of Legends will always have a place in her heart with three seasons of diamond league under her belt. The fast pace and physiological aspect of Heroes of the Storm is what drew her in and is what she believes she needs to be successful. Twitch: Twitter:@JennaHeroes     janna4 Name: Janna “Kitara” Zahnow Position: Range Assassin Age: 27 Where: Oldenburg Occupation: Mathematician and physicist as well as a table football player for a team. Background: Kitara began her story 12 years ago playing GTA 2 with her brother. After that she would play any and all games she could get her fingers on. From Warcraft to Tomb Raider to World of Warcraft to Diablo 2 and 3 she has played them all before joining Heroes of the Strom. Her longest period in a single game was 4 years of World of Warcraft where she played a “beautiful” Tauren called Pew Pew owl. She has been crazy about Heroes since the Beta. Like in all of her other games Kitara plays Assassins and specialists. Twitch: Twitter:@kitarahots    

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