mYinsanity’s new Pet

Today mYinsanity is happy to announce Mackenzie “Petraeus” Smith as our new Starcraft 2 player. Petraeus was already living for a couple of months in our gaming house in Switzerland and after he left his former team ROOT we decided that he would fit perfectly in our team.

Petraeus is originally from Auckland, New Zealand and has been an active part of the SEA competitive gaming scene since early 2012. Before moving to Switzerland he was practicing in the ROOT gaming house in California.

Petraeus is a very dedicated player, he is very hardworking and we are sure that with the environment we provide him in our gaming house he will become one of the big players in the Starcraft 2 scene this year!

Petraeus sadly didn’t qualifiy for the first season of WCS 2015 but he will stay in Switzerland and continue to practice for the upcoming second season of WCS 2015 this year. Since we decided to participate in almost every upcoming Starcraft 2 teamleague such as SC2ITL, RSTL and the (hopefully) upcoming Shoutcraft Clanwars, Petraeus will be a huge improvement for our Lineup and we are sure that with the help of our new player we will be able to show you some great clanwars in the upcoming months.




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