New blood for the Academy!

Some time has passed since our announcement to inject new life in our Starcraft 2 team and now we are finally ready to present you the final two additions to our Academy team for 2016!

mYinsanity has always been one of the best teams to discover new talent. Players like StarDust, PtitDrogo, Serral and Blysk really made themselves a name after joining our team and so we want to continue in that direction and give another two players a shot at becoming one of Starcraft’s next stars!

We are proud to announce that Gabino “Botvinnik” Luis from Spain and Miguel “HyDrA” Alberto from Portugal will be playing under our banner this year! While Botvinnik already made himself a name in various local events and had some promising results in international competitions HyDrA is a relatively unknown name in the scene with a lot of potential.
To get yourself an idea of our newest players we’ve gathered some short statements from both of them:


For me, joining the mYi Academy feels like the milestone in my Starcraft II career, that I was waiting for so long. I’ve been doing well since Legacy came out, and all I want is to improve even more, to be able to compete and thrive with the best in EU. I’ve known mYi for quite awhile, so I’m eager to see how my practice will improve with this opportunity. I hope to grow alongside with them, and break out of the Academy in order to achieve even greater milestones in the future.


I’m very happy to be part of a well established team like mYinsanity with really good players that will help me to step up my level of play. I’m looking forward to get good results in the upcoming months and get into the top level competition in WCS.


Make sure to follow our new players on twitter and give them a warm welcome!



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