New player for our CS:GO team found

After a rigorous testing phase with several talented and skilled players, we want to thank everyone that participated in the testgames or applied for the spot in our team. We are flattered about all the interest and are grateful for everyone who took their time. After todays announcement, Michael "emkey" Ritter will officially be replaced and moved to the spot of the 6th player.

We are happy to announce that Tom “spIder” Weber will take his part in mYinsanity.CSGO with immediate effect and will already have his first official appearance in the next ESL Major League game on Thursday 03.03.16 (date and time is not fixed yet).

The players have prepared some statements.

Michael “emkey” Ritter: Due to time conflicts, I am stepping down from the active roster. I had to think about that step for quite some time, but it is the better option for me and the team. I don’t have the time to invest as much time as I should, to compete on the level we are heading towards. I will remain in the team, helping out as often as they need me, even if it is just for the good looks. I am also very happy that we found someone who is even better than me (but defo not better looking) in Tom. Since I am not leaving the family, this is not a goodbye, so better watch out world, mYins is coming for you! And waterboy emkey will rock your world, at the sideline, with the fan girls.


As Michael has stated, this is not a goodbye, but we still want to thank him for all the effort he has put into the team and are happy to still have him and his friendly muscles by our side. At the same time, we give a warm welcome to our newest player Tom “spIder” Weber, who a lot of you might have heard of before:


Tom “spIder” Weber: After some back and forth I have decided to officially get back into the Cirque du CS:GO once again. There’s just too much fun to be had and too many opportunities to just watch from the sidelines and I still feel that I’m fit enough to keep pace with the younger generation. That’s why I am really happy about the chance that mYinsanity.CSGO is giving me and I am looking forward to play with the team that I’ve gotten to know for quite some time now. I hope that I can live up to the expectations and that we can cast our feathers to become the small swiss CS:GO autohority we aspire to be. As I have always tended to say in the past: cu on!


So no goodbyes, but lots of welcomes. Help say hello to the spIder! We are looking forward to go full practice mode again and presenting you our updated roster on stream as soon as possible!

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