CS:GO – New year, new roster

- 18/01/2018


We're happy to announce or new and stronger lineup around the team captain Luke "Emperor" Ingram.
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KnowMe and mYinsanity part ways

- 23/07/2017

#Heroes of the Storm #HotS #mYinsanity #Uncategorized

It’s with a heavy Heart that we announce KnowMe’s departure from mYinsanity. Steffen initially joined us as coach and manager of our Heroes oft he Storm team during their build-up period and stayed with us as a streamer and caster when...
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Heroes Lounge and mYinsanity are back with Season 4

- 20/07/2017

#Announcements #Heroes of the Storm #mYinsanity #Sponsorship

Heroes Lounge and mYinsanity are extremely happy and excited to continue our partnership heading into Season 4. We feel the league is an important stepping stone for teams looking to compete in the HGC Open Bracket, and gives them a...
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Celebrate Summer with Heroes of the Storm’s Pull Party!

- 05/07/2017

#Heroes of the Storm #review #Strategy

Travel back in time to Blizzcon 2015. The Arena was announced, where 5-man teams would compete in "a 5-minute non-stop teamfight." The preview video shows only the Temple Arena and Garden Arena, but makes sure to mention that the mode...
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Community Effort Gaming 2017 Melee Preview

- 14/06/2017

#Melee #Preview #Smash

Background Started in 2010 off the back of Alex Jebailey, the series has grown into an international event for all sectors of the Fighting Game Community (FGC). While Melee was around for the initial 2010 run, it took a small hiatus...
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Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933 Review

- 12/06/2017

#Logitech G #review #Sponsors

I have the pleasure of working together with some of our players to make several thorough and comprehensive reviews of our recently delivered gear. Today, we will be starting out with the Artemis Spectrum G933 Headset. Looking back at the success...
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