Our Dota 2 team have won the Netgame.ch tournament and have also advanced to the joinDOTA Division 3 League!

December has been a successful month for our boys from the Swiss Dota 2 division. First they won the Netgame.ch Dota 2 LAN tournament, and then continued on to win the joinDOTA Division 3-4 playoffs which moved the team up to the next division of the tournament.

The Netgame.ch Dota 2 tournament was held on the 12th and 13th of December at the Messezentrum Thun EXPO Area and featured lots of Swiss teams. Other than Dota 2, it featured the CS:GO Swiss Nationals, a Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare tournament, and a League of Legends tournament among others. Twelve teams participated in the Dota 2 tournament and mYinsanity played four games in total as they were moving towards winning it all.

They won all of their Bo1 games in the group stage, in the semifinals they won another Bo1 against team “Ihgöhletisieche”, and in the finals they won 2-0 against team “Drink vodka win dotka”. Throughout the tournament, the mYi Swiss team tried some fun strategies, since it was the last tournament for them that featured the 6.85 metagame. They utilised some new strategies, like having “Omniknight” and “Juggernaut” offlane, “Meepo” mid, or “Timbersaw” carry, which turned out really well for them.

That same evening, they played for a joinDOTA Division 3 spot versus team “Banana” from Germany. They took another 2-0 victory in the Bo3 format and thus secured their spot in the upcoming season’s Divison 3. After their successful runs in both events, I talked to our team’s captain and midlaner David “Davy” Morf about their plans for the future and here is what he said…

“Right now, we are preparing for the Swiss League from Swiss DC aside from the joinDOTA Division 3 and will be happily participating in any LAN tournaments near us. Also, the Swiss Netgame.ch tournament was very nice, especially the community that was involved and we’re looking forward to participating in it again.”

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