Our Heroes of the Storm team takes home the ZOTAC Cup!

After a flurry of balance changes in the past two weeks that have tipped the metagame on its head, our Heroes team has hit gold with their unique playstyle and have come up first in the ZOTAC Cup #36, beating Outlaws, Next, and most notably Na`Vi before sweeping the finals 2-0 against MadCorps.

The Matches

mYinsanity received a bye in Round 1, heading right into Round 2 against Outlaws (OL) on Cursed Hollow. After nearly wiping the enemy team on the first tribute, mYi carried their advantages all the way to a Boss during the curse and a quick 7:30 win at level 13.

Their next opponent in the Ro8 was Go next (Next), a powerful Polish team featuring former G2 player Baczek, once again on Cursed Hollow. During the draft, mYi opted to give up the brutal Stitches/Tyrande combo in favor of stronger lane pressure with Valla, Kael, and Leoric, which allowed them to control the early game and generate several strong mercenary pushes to take down early towers and gates. Much like their game against OL, mYi was able to leverage their level lead into successful boss fights and eventually push down the Core with a level 20 Storm talent advantage.



mYi vs MCp on their way to winning the ZOTAC #36 finals!


In the Ro4 against the European titans Natus Vincere (Na`Vi), mYi went for a surprisingly early Illidan pick. After trailing for much of the early and mid game, mYi came up big in a team fight top lane, pushing back Na`Vi and winning all of the subsequent shrines. Na`Vi was eventually overwhelmed by the bombardment of Punishers and forced to tap out, leaving mYi to cruise on through to the finals against MadCorps.

The French team MadCorps (MCp), while being fairly insignificant in name, has been in the EU scene for quite some time. Nonetheless, feeling confident from their previous wins, mYi confidently broke out the Cho’Gall pick on Battlefield of Eternity in Game 1. They utilized a fascinating 3-1 split during the immortal phase, using Cho’Gall with the support of Leoric and Valla to fend off attacks on their own immortal while Rehgar chipped away at the enemy’s. Unable to break the sieging power of Cho’Gall, MadCorps stumbled quickly in the early stages of the game as mYi rode the momentum through to a win.

In Game 2 on Tomb of the Spider Queen, darkmok again broke out a niche pick with Kerrigan, showing his comfort in playing several different Heroes. The early game showed a lot of back and forth action, but once mYi got their first turn-in, they were able to quickly take control of the game and start once again snowballing their advantages with subsequent turn-ins. Much like Na`Vi, MCp held on for dear life, but the onslaught of webweavers eventually overran their base and forced them to surrender, yielding a 2-0 win for mYinsanity.


Playing to a New Beat

Our Heroes team has always been one to play by their own rules, but it seems like the most recent balance changes have shifted the meta in their favor. Between Blumbi, darkmok, and Nurok, the team is well covered when it comes to tanky bruiser players, and with the return of beefy double and triple Warrior frontlines, they were able to step comfortably into new compositions. Darkmok’s versatility also shined through yesterday as he played a variety of play-making Heroes including Illidan, Kerrigan, and even Cho’Gall. Behind it all, the calm and collected foundation of HasuObs and Splendour laid way for mYinsanity’s eventual win.


Zotac Cup #36 – http://heroes.zotac-cup.com/en/cups/2359

Watch the VOD – http://www.twitch.tv/youbetterknowme/v/40368104

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