Overwatch – First impressions with Fabio “Zervas” Bügler

Blizzard's first foray into the FPS genre with Overwatch, is proving to be another grand slam title for the company. The beta was released on October 27th, and one of our resident StarCraft II pro's was lucky enough to be invited.

The general story so far in Overwatch is that there was an epidemic involving robots trying to wipe out the human race. When all hope was lost, out came a band of heroes calling themselves the “OverWatch”. They would soon take the fight to the robots, turning the tides of the battle. Eventually when all was won for the human race, the heroes fell off and turned themselves into a mercenary group, helping various people do various things.

The game picks up with a few different scenarios providing different objectives for both opposing sides, much like the map “Gold Rush” does with Team Fortress 2. Catered to six people per side, teamwork is the most important factor to this game. With a list of heroes to select from the Overwatch, your team is challenged to build the right composition for the right time. Each hero has a unique ability that caters themselves and to the style in which the champion was designed for. Almost like something you would see in a MOBA champion like “League of Legends” or “DOTA2”. While all of the styles point to MOBA, the mechanics and approach to the game define it as a FPS. As the game progresses, you can select different heroes on the fly, making your strategies different for every selection.

We were fortunate enough here at mYinsanity to have one of our StarCraft II players, Fabio “Zervas” Bügler be selected for the beta. As a highly skilled StarCraft II player who is consistently in the top 200 of the EU region, he provides some interesting insight into the development of Overwatch.


A bit about yourself?

Hello, I am Fabio aka “Zervas” and I am a Swiss StarCraft II Zerg semi pro. I study full time at the University of Zürich.

How has your experience with Overwatch been so far?

Overwatch is definitely one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played. It is extremely funny, yet versatile and the closed beta works really well already. It is really nice to play some other games for fun and relaxation to get away from the stress of RTS games.


Is there another game you could compare it to?

I have never played it myself, but my friend says that Team Fortress 2 is a really similar game. Basically it is a team based shooter in which you can pick different characters and roles in order to fulfill the objectives such as escorting a payload or conquering checkpoints.


What types of roles are there in Overwatch?

There are four main types. Offensive characters or damage dealers, Tanks, Supports and a last one that is specialized for Defense. Each of those types are divided into different characters you can choose from.


What was your favorite role?

The role I play the most is probably the offensive one. I really like sneaking into the back lines of the enemy team to backstab their defense and supports with characters like Reaper or Tracer. I’m also on fire with McCree though! Other than that I also enjoy some characters with other roles, mostly Hanzo, Lucio and Roadhog. I love hooking people! (Yes I used to play Pudge in Dota!)

Do you think that an active E-sports scene will be established after a while?

I definitely think that the game has a lot of potential to develop a healthy E-sports scene. Since it is so teambased, I think that many cool compositions and strategies can be figured out. I am actually very hyped to see some really good players playing as a proper team, I think this could be very exciting to watch since the game is so versatile. Also, so many people are already hyped about the game and since it is from Blizzard, it can only be a big hit and many people will play and watch that game.

What has stood out for you so far?

I really enjoy how different each of the twenty characters are and how you can change around your team composition on the fly in order to out maneuver your opponents. Every character has its unique role and this is just amazing. I cannot wait to see how it will develop in the future.

Being a cross platform title, where do you see the benefit? If it becomes an eSport, what platform do you feel it would be most successful on?

Well, being cross platform only opens the game up to a wider community which is never a bad thing. Not everyone likes to play video games on their computer, so it is really cool for people to play Overwatch on an Xbox One, or Playstation 4! In general I feel like this attracts more of the casual players of the community.

The focus as far as competition goes will definitely be centered around the PC version. It is just fact that the most precise tools are a keyboard and mouse in order to play shooter games as you can do huge and quick mouse movements and still be super precise. The console will be used by more casual players in general, as I already mentioned.

With a new perspective of mechanics, how would you describe the learning curve?

Hmm… Tricky one…. I think all of the characters are very easy to understand in terms of their concept and their role in the game. Also, the game objectives themselves are not very difficult to get a hold on. So in the end I would say it is pretty beginner friendly. BUT, BUT, BUT…. With good team play and perfecting your skills with the weapons each hero has, there is huge potential for it to become a much deeper game. I think it is not by any means an easy game if you play in the higher ranks or even tournaments in the end. My conclusion would be: Easy to get into, extremely hard ( and exciting ) to master.


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