Overwatch: Getting Started

Overwatch is finally here! But what is it? How do you you play it and what heroes do you use? These are some of the questions that people want to know and that we will answer as we take a deeper look into Overwatch.


Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter which is build around 6v6 battles. It is Blizzard Entertainments latest IP and set in the near fictive future on planet earth. You play one of 21 unique heroes which are fitted into typical roles as Builder, Sniper, Defense, Damage Dealer, Tank and Support. You are able to switch between heroes throughout match, which is also a big point of the game as you constantly try to counter your enemy.   There are currently 4 game modes with 3 maps for each mode. These modes are Assault, Control, Escort and Hybrid.




Now let’s take a quick look at the different game modes.

In Assault, one Team has to capture a point on the map to “activate” a second point. After that, you move on to the second point and Capture it. If this is done in a specific time frame you win the round. The next round is played on the same map part but teams swapping the roles, which means Team A now has to defend the points and Team B has to capture them.

On Control Point Maps the Teams need to capture and hold a specific point. While holding the point, the team gets 1% every second and at 100% the team wins the round. Both teams have to capture the same point, if one round has ended the next round will be on the same map but on another part. The first team to win 2 rounds, will win the map.

Escort mode is pretty much what the you can imagine, one team is escorting the Payload to the end of the map in a specific time and the Other Team have to stop them from doing so. If the Payload reaches a checkpoint on the map, more time will be added to escort the payload. After the round ends, the teams will swap the roles. Also note that the Payload moves faster with more team members near to it. This is capped at 4 heroes.

Hybrid maps are just a mix of Assault and Escort. The attacking team has to capture a point to activate the Payload which then has to be escorted to the end of the map.



Now you know the different game modes and you know what Overwatch is. But what about the heroes? Which one should I play as a beginner? Ok so, as in all games, play what you want and have fun with it. But if you are new to the game there are some heroes which are easier to learn than other. We will show you which of these heroes are for Defense, Offense, Tank and Support. Snipers are generally not easy to learn and you need a good map awareness and aiming skill to be effective with them. We won’t get into too much detail with their skills here, while in game you can press F1 to get useful tips about each hero, use this.


Defense – Bastion


Ok so, Bastion is not the best or strongest hero in town, but  he is a very effective one in the early stages of playing the game. The point here being: most beginner don’t know how to counter Bastion which allows you to have a solid hero in a defensive position. Bastion is a robot which can turn into a stationary turret and fire out lots of damage. He can also heal himself, which makes him really good at static defense positions. Beginner will love him and maybe earn a few Player of the Game.


Offense – Soldier 76


Soldier 76 is a classic FPS character. You have a gun, little rockets and you can sprint and heal yourself and your team. All in all, a well-rounded damage dealer.  His ultimate is also very good as its pretty much an aimbot for a few seconds. So just activate it, hold the fire key, aim near your enemy and GG.


Tank – Reinhardt


He’s got lots of armor, lots of health and can hold up a 2000 HP shield to protect himself and all that’s behind him. Yeah, he’s a Tank. Great for pushing on a payload. He is in fact a melee warrior but as a tank your main business is soaking damage and not dealing tons of it. You’ve also got 1 range attack and your ultimate is an AoE damage and knockdown skill.


Support – Lucio


He is not only an easy to learn Support, no he is also one of the best in game. He’s got great AoE-Heal, a portion of Damage, a knock-back and his ultimate is a huge shield for the whole team. He can also provide movement speed if he switches his “stance”. Tip: Rush to an objective and turn on the healing power.


Some general advice

Now you know the game, maps and heroes to start with. You want more? Okay! Here is a list of tips to help you dominate in your next match!

  1. Supports and Tanks are important. So try to have both in your team, always!
  2. Also, Damage Dealers have a job to do, taking Objectives, Escorting the Payload or getting behind enemy lines to take out that annoying Bastion.
  3. You can switch heroes while in game and you should do that. If your team really struggling against the enemy, try to counter their heroes. You should find a lot of counter lists around the web.
  4. Use your gun. Even if you don’t land a precise shot,  your shots go where the enemy isn’t, and that’s okay. Try to command them in a specific direction. Don’t forget that if you hit something and do damage your ultimate will be charged up.
  5. Read the hints on the loading screens and read the tips for you heroes skills (hit F1). These are all useful and you should not ignore them. Even if you die there are tips shown on your death screen.
  6. Keep your ears open too. If you can hear an enemy Lucio shouting “Lets break it down!” maybe now is not the right time to go all in. If Hanzo is shouting  he uses his Ultimate followed by a dragon roar and if McCree calls out the high noon you best leave the streets.
  7. You should always keep an eye on the map timer. So they have 1 minute for the last 200 meters with the payload? Ok let’s start a big team fight behind them, get them away from the payload, distract them from the objective. Keeping the enemy distracted from the objective is in most cases a really good strategy to win the map.

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