CS:GO – New year, new roster


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CS:GO - New year, new roster

We're very happy to announce our new and strengthened CS:GO roster!

Some of you maybe already know, but we had some big changes to our CS:GO roster during the winter. Sadly the old lineup didn’t want to continue to play together in their current configuration.

But team manager, Sebastian “sebstR” Wollter and team captain Luke “Emperor” Ingram didn’t give up. They rallied all their resources and managed to not only set up a new team but also retain their ESEA division spot in the midst of that chaos.

Say hello to our now roster:

  • Luke “Emperor” Ingram
  • Dylan “Dyln” Dhokia
  • Taraus “taraus” Feirn
  • Jack “br0die” Emmott
  • Kory “kryzih” Da Rocha-Hitt


A new beginning


Luke “Emperor” Ingrams words about the transition period:

At long last we can finally announce our official roster going forward into to 2018 under mYinsanity. Since the demise of the last lineup in late October I have taken the time to hand pick players that I feel can match the expectations of not only myself but work progressively under mYinsanity and its management team.

Our immediate plans going forward are to improve on the last seasons bitter sweet finishes for our online leagues; whilst we also have our eyes firmly set on also furthering domestic success both online and at events.

I must emphasise my greatest appreciation for the support from all those that gave me the freedom and support to rebuild under this magnificent organisation. The backing from everyone involved was a major part in my desire to bide my time, rebuild and deliver a team mYinsanity can be proud of.

We also wanted to thank the Emperor once more for his incredible dedication to the team. Withstanding all the hardships of the past weeks, he pulled through in an amazing fashion and managed to gather and even stronger team around him!


Dylan “Dyln” Dhokias on him joining the team:

I am very proud to be joining and representing mYinsanity’s CS:GO team. I hope we can have a great showing in 2018 and prove ourselves under this brand. Lastly I would like to thank mYinsanity and EMPEROR for this opportunity

We are really excited for this revival and are looking forward to their upcoming success!

Our UK boys will play in two leagues at the same time. You can follow their progress in the ESEA UK division and the ESEA Main division or directly via their social media channels that are listed on their team page, to keep up to date on events, matches and promotions.

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