Player Spotlight: Joona “Serral” Sotala

During the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm era's of StarCraft 2, we have had many champions on the mYinsanity roster. Now that StarCraft 2 has reached it's final destination with the expansion Legacy of the Void, this trend will surely continue with the recent performances we've seen from Joona "Serral" Sotala.

Serral joined mYinsanity on February 24th 2014, at the young age of 15 years old. During his first year with the team, he would make notable runs in a number of Dreamhack tournaments including Summer, Valencia, and Moscow where he finished in the top 25 of each.  Although unable to make it out of the group stages at each Dreamhack tournament, Serral would be pushing himself towards a successful 2015 with strong motivation.

In WCS 2015 Season 1, Serral would have an opportunity to qualify for Premier League with a Bo5 series against Harstem. The series would go in Serral’s favor 3-0, and he was on his way to an eventual top 16 finish that season.  He would not find the same success in following WCS seasons however, as he would fail to qualify for Premier League with losses to Harstem in Season 2 and Snute in Season 3.

Serral would improve upon his previous Dreamhack results from 2014, with top 16 finishes in Valencia and Stockholm. He would also take home the IeSF World Championship, by defeating Mystery.

Legacy of the Void and early success in 2016!

Moving from 2015 to 2016 he began with the renowned nation-based tournament Nation Wars III, where Serral would be chosen by the community to represent Finland. He would not disappoint as he helped Finland make it into the semi finals, where they would eventually lose to the powerhouse France team. Finishing the event with a record of 10-7, he placed second only to MarineLorD who had an impressive 21-2 record.

DreamHack Open: Leipzig would be the first premier event of the year for Serral. He advanced out of the group stages, and defeated both FireCake and HuK 3-0 to make it into the Ro8 versus viOLet, where he would be eliminated from the tournament.


Serral discussing his win over HuK in the Ro16 at Dreamhack Leipzig with PtitDrogo and PengWin

Serral would then be invited to Assembly Winter, where he would win his group with a 2-0 record and 4-0 map score moving him into the playoffs.  From there he defeated Calt, former mYi player Reynor, and Namshar to take home the championship and over $1500 USD!

Serral is now finding quick success in the revised 2016 WCS system. Qualifying for the WCS Winter Circuit Championship in Katowice by knocking out both Zanster and GunGFuBanDa in week 2 of the EU server qualifiers, Serral is looking to continue his recent string of strong performances.  We look forward to seeing what Serral and teammate PtitDrogo can get done, as both will be representing mYinsanity at the tournament.

Fun Facts

• has an older brother, who also plays professional StarCraft 2! (Jonne “Protosser” Sotala)
• has earned over $20,000 USD playing StarCraft 2!
• was recently on Finnish National TV for an E-sports coverage segment!


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