Preview: Clutch City Clash

Despite a very memorable EVO 2016 behind us, the amount of Nationals still left in August is astonishing. To kick off the month is the highly anticipated Clutch City Clash – Powered by Xyience in Houston, Texas on August 6-7th. 

Clutch City Clash is the first of its series and has an impressive line up of top Melee players, which includes C9|Mango, FOX MVG|Mew2King, G2|Westballz, Selfless|Lucky, CLG|SFAT, Tempo|S2J, the Moon, DJ Nintendo, and of course mYinsanity’s very own, Ice. Along with other top 100 players and Texas’ best in attendance, Clutch City Clash is surely one of the openers for SmashCon, Heir 3, and Shine, the three majors this month. 


HERE is their sick trailer for Clutch City Clash, because lets face it, who doesn’t love anything related to Space Jam? 





  1. Post EVO Life


Clutch City Clash is one of the first tournaments with Gods and Top 20 players in attendance since EVO 2016. While many players’ had goals set on a good EVO performance, it will be interesting to see how these players will perform now that the EVO has past. This national gives numerous players a chance to redeem for their sub par EVO finishes. In particular, viewers will be wondering if the rise of SFAT will continue after a minor trip at EVO, where he placed 25th. In addition, will S2J continue tearing through the competition after a top 5 finish at EVO and a 1st place finish at Revelations from loser’s bracket? And of course will we see Ice showcase his skill, like at Genesis 3 and SSS #48. Even though EVO 2016 the largest tournament of year is over, the stakes have only gotten high for many of the top players, as the Summer of Smash is starting to wind down.


  1. Unguarded Throne


With only two Gods in attendance in the form of Mango and Mew2King, the 1st place spot is definitely up for grabs. While Mango and Mew2King are undoubtedly the two best players attending the event, their records versus other top 20 players are far from perfect. Both Westballz and SFAT are potentially large hurdles for Mango and Mew2King respectively. While they are more than capable of beating them, Westballz has certainly proved to fans that he is more than capable of beating Mango. For SFAT, it is more of a question of can he do it again? His most recent win over Mew2King is over 6 months ago at Genesis 3, but despite this, SFAT’s comfortability with the Marth match up gives him a chance to get another set over Mew2King. In addition, Ice, Lucky, and S2J are potential wild cards to claim a spot in Grand Finals.


  1. AugsFTW Foundation


The Smash Community remains a very grassroot, close knit, and supportive community to its members. With that being said, one of our members, Austin Michael “Augs” Weidman unfortunately passed away recently. A scholarship has been set up in his name for computer science and esports. You can support this scholarship on Clutch City Clash’s merchandise page on If you want anymore information about Augs, it can be found HERE.



Be sure to cheer on mYi|Ice and your other favorite Smashers at Clutch City Clash.  You can find the stream schedule HERE!

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