PtitDrogo more like big bad Dragon! A Successful Showing at 2016 DreamHack Open: Leipzig

The weekend of January 22nd-24th marked the 2nd premier event that DreamHack has organized in Legacy of the Void: DreamHack Open: Leipzig! mYinsanity was represented by four players: Zervas, PengWin, Serral and PtitDrogo. The most notable performance was of course that we saw PtitDrogo lift his first Starcraft 2 trophy! Serral also achieved his highest placing in a Dreamhack to date with a top 8 finish including convincing wins over very strong opponents such as FireCake and HuK.

Overview of the Group Stages

Our Swiss duo in PengWin and Zervas were not seeded, and as a result had to play through the first group stage. While both successfully advanced out of their groups, the second group stage was, as always, a much tougher challenge. PengWin had play against top foreigner Snute as well as French Protoss Relmer while Zervas was put up against SortOf twice. Sadly, the Swiss players were not able to advance. Serral and PtitDrogo on the other hand moved out of their groups to extend their runs to the Ro32 Playoff Brackets.

Notable games from the group stage: Serral had to face his brother Protosser in the deciding match of group N in stage 2 to make it into the Playoffs. After two action packed macro ZvZ games, Serral took it 2-0 and moved on.


The Road of a Champion- PtitDrogo’s Journey

In 2016, Dreamhack features a single elimination in Best of 5 format as of the Round of 32. In the first Round, PtitDrogo faced off against Polish Terran Basior, fresh off of an upset against Lambo. As expected, PtitDrogo went on to win this series, but not without issue as he dropped the second map. Moving into the Round of 16, having already secured $1000 prize money, Drogo would be facing off against Neeb, the current top-rated North American Protoss player. Despite feeling less than confident against Neeb’s extremely strong PvP, Drogo was able to win the first two games of this Best-of-five with some crazy Carrier and Dark Templar builds, and it looked like he was on pace to make a clean 3-0. Neeb showed some excellent play however and clawed his way back into the series, tying the series up at 2-2. In the end, however, PtitDrogo proved too strong and took the series 3-2.

And then, there were 8

After a tough series against Neeb, PtitDrogo’s next opponent was going to be none other than the hometown hero, Liquid’s TLO. All in all they were close games, going the full 5 games. PtitDrogo did manage to come out with the victory 3-2 showing excellent adept/oracle timings that could create game-ending economic damage as well as great defensive macro against Lurker play with double Stargate/double Robotics strategies to compliment a Zealot/Archon composition from his gateways.

Showing a unique approach to PvZ, PtitDrogo was about to face a Terran vs Protoss expert in uThermal. uThermal having already plowed through two other top Protoss players in Harstem and Showtime would prove to be an extremely tough match. Having had a fair bit of intel to work with, PtitDrogo was able to prepare accordingly and took a solid 2-0 lead in the series once again. As with the Neeb series, uThermal clawed his way back to a tied score, but once again Drogo didn’t let that faze him as he went into overdrive for game 5 to take it in convincing fashion

The Crown in Sight

Now in the grand finals, Drogo only had one more Bo7 in his way. This was not going to be a simple task, as Acer.Bly had had an equally grueling road leading to the final. Bly, on his side of the bracket, was matched against both of the Koreans that attended the event in Hydra and viOlet. Bly defeated both viOlet and showing both very potent aggression against Hydra as well as solid, dominant macro play against viOlet.

Drogo showing a versatile PvZ, going against #Blyonfire – This was going be an exciting end to this final chapter.

As Drogo pulled out every trick he could in his tool kit. Despite a convincing scoreline however, the games were extremely tense and action packed. Drogo opened up with a variety of different styles often centered around Adepts. The series ended 4-1 in favor of the French Protoss player. Congratulations to PtitDrogo, for his deserved first premier title!


A Star Rising- Serral’s Deep Run

Serral has been under the spot light as an up and coming player for a while now, and with Legacy of the Void, he is in better form than ever. Having won the recent IeSF World Championship and achieving the second highest winrate in Nation Wars III, This was definitely the tournament to show just how good he can be.

Despite losing to Nerchio in the group stage 2-1, he managed to bounce back against his older brother Protosser (who was making is comeback to the competitive scene) to advance into the Playoffs. In the first round he was drawn against against FireCake. Having finished third at Dreamhack Winter and second at Homestory Cup XII, FireCake was expected to be a very difficult match, but Serral dispatched him with ease, taking a 3-0 win to advance into the Round of 16 against HuK.

Serral would remain undefeated in the playoffs by winning convincingly by a 3-0 scoreline against HuK. As he advanced to the Ro8, his next opponent was another veteran:the Korean Zerg player viOlet. ViOlet would prove to be too much for the young Finnish player, however. The Korean far outperformed expectations, and showed that he was back in old form with extremely well executed builds.

Competition was fierce this Dreamhack as every top foreigner knew the reality that there was, for the first time in a long time, a realistic chance to win the whole thing. Everybody gave their all, but in the end only one could stand tall. We are proud to say another DreamHack Star has made his way in the mYinsanity family. Congratulations to PtitDrogo once again on the win, and congratulations as well to Serral for making a great finish in the top 8. Big thanks the DreamHack and their sponsors for this event, looking forward to see what’s in store for the next event.

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