QueenE and Zervas discuss Legacy of the Void

Legacy of the Void has been creating some necessary hype within the Starcraft 2 community lately. Blizzard has slowly been granting closed beta access to an increasing amount of players and recently let the top 20% of all players from season 1 2015 in to play.

There are a lot of great new features that will definitely change Starcraft 2 as we know it, and personally I’m very excited to try it out. Some of the luckier few had the privilege of early beta access such as mYinsanity’s QueenE, who is an avid streamer over on Twitch.tv, and Zervas, the best pro zerg from Switzerland.  Although matchmaking was a little slow for the first month, they had fun testing out the new units and trying out the much anticipated Archon Mode.

Here are some of their comments on LoTV:


What are your thoughts on LotV so far? Do you have any favorite features or units? Is there a unit that you really dislike?

Zervas: Generally, I really like most of the new features in the game. My favorite addition is probably the new resource layout. Since bases mine out much quicker now, it is much easier to disarm your opponent by cutting off their economy using good strategical decisions and smart harassment. Also, many zerg units received new roles and can be used in some more ways.


What do you think of the adept?

QueenE: It’s a bit of a clunky unit as a whole, and I don’t really see how it fits into an army as a core unit, but there’s been a lot of changes going on recently so we’ll see what becomes of it.


Do you have any ideas for new units, or new unit abilities? 

Zervas: Not really no… Just some balancing issues that should be addressed, like for example the Ravager should only be available on Lair tech in my opinion.


Each player has a different style… is there a certain direction you personally would like to see LotV gameplay go?

QueenE: I’m liking the direction it’s taking right now where the gameplay is more fast paced and intense and focusing away from the “sit back and get a deathball” kind of scenario. I hope they can find a nice balance here to keep the game fast paced like this without being too punishing/advantageous for the different races.

Zervas: I am pretty sure that the game will be at least a little bit more about playing faster, macroing better, using single units and spellcaster more efficiently etc. In HOTS you can sit back in some matchups and just defend ( which is way easier than breaking it sometimes, for example Mech TvZ atm.). I want to see constant aggressive play from either side, harrassing at multiple places.


Do you personally have any ideas for new game metrics that would help balance (new units or unit abilities) or if you’ve ever had an idea for the game regardless of balance?

QueenE: I think in general it’s getting a bit too focused on cool spells and abilities meaning you have to babysit your units a whole lot more, which is also one of those things that will be extra punishing for new players. I think if blizzard focuses on more “solid” units with good micro potential it would be healthy for the game. Marines and zerglings are perfect examples of such units.


I saw you and QueenE were saying you’re pretty good at Archon mode… Do you have any advice for someone like me, who hasn’t played it much yet?

Zervas: Communication is key. Both players need to constantly know what the gameplan is and what each other has to do. Also, we split up the main tasks, like I usually macro, she micros with the main army and I help with some harassment on the side picking apart the other players. Most other teams interfere with each other’s units by accident. We don’t have that issue because we have a really good synergy.

How is Archon Mode going for you QueenE?

QueenE: Archon mode is fantastic! I think this is something that brings a lot of fun to the game. I think Sc2 has really lacked good options for playing cooperatively with others as i feel 2v2 can be too punishing if you’re playing with someone that might not be as good as you. So finally having a mode that you can play with your friends no matter of their skill-level is a very good thing, in my opinion.


The economy has been a hot topic lately in the community. Do you have any thoughts on starting with 12 workers, and do you have an opinion on the double mining idea?

Zervas: It is debatable about whether the 12 workers start is good or not. Let’s just say it is different and takes away some early game strategies (one may arfue that the game becomes less gimmicky like that due to less early build order wins).


QueenE: As my opinions with the gameplay the economic design in LoTV impacts the pace of the game a lot. So in general I approve of the new idea, but again, i think this is a very complex topic and i’m sure blizzard will find a way to make it so, again, it won’t become too punishing or advantageous for either race with this revamped economy.


Is there anything else that you feel like should be mentioned or you would like to say about LotV Beta?

Zervas: The ideas and current path the game is on look very promising. I just really hope that Blizzard keepy it up like that and that we do not have to be disappointed by the end product. I hope for a fun, balanced and competitive game to play for all the nerds out there.


Thank you QueenE and Zervas for giving us your thoughts on LoTV so far. There are definitely a lot of changes yet to come, and a lot to look forward to.


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