Rain is the new GSL 2015 Season 2 Champion!

It was an emotional afternoon in the Gangnam District last Sunday, as Rain became the first player from a foreign team to win a GSL Code S title!

After going an impressive 9W-2L record through the group stage, Rain found himself up against Jin Air Green Wing’s Maru in the Quarterfinals. It was a quick 3-1 win for Rain against his Terran opponent, as the apparent practice and preparation he had been doing with Flash, FanTaSy, and PartinG had paid off. In the Semifinals Rain was paired up with SBENU’s Curious, who he had been preparing for with arguably the best Zerg in the world, KT Rolster’s Life. Rain put on a clinic on how to multitask harassment and macro in a PvZ and outplayed Curious fairly easily.

The grand finals saw Rain versus CJ Entus’ ByuL. Although there was no extensive history between the two, both were extremely hungry for a GSL championship as Rain had a successful month of June and ByuL looked to be in top form. The match saw Rain dismantle ByuL in only a mere five games of a best of seven, which setup a heart breaking post game interview in which ByuL addressed his mother by saying “I wasn’t always the best son. I was really busy playing games and I was away from her a lot. I just want to say I love you”.

Rain stood proud beside his fallen opponent, and with great respect, waited for his turn to celebrate. I asked him what was going on in his head during this time…

 “I was thinking about how hard he was being on himself.  I believe he is a very talented player, and has the ability to return to a GSL final and win.”

He also had this to say about winning a GSL Championship…

“I felt so good when I had beaten Maru, and believe the continued PvZ practice I had prior to the match with ByuL made a huge difference.  I’d like to thank everyone who helped to prepare me for this tournament.  I am so proud to have won a GSL Championship, thank you as well to all of my fans and for cheering for me”


Here is what mYinsanity CEO Cédric Schlosser had to say about Rain’s recent success…

“I think we at mYinsanity have not yet fully realized what an amazing victory Rain achieved for himself and especially for our team. I am so proud of him and our whole team. We have developed in a unique way and have never lost our identitiy in the process. Rain has given us an additional milestone and has proven to everyone that the right mindset and hard work can pay off for everyone and that you can be a champion outside of Korean team structures. Keep an eye out for Rain and mYinsanity. We are not finished yet!”


Coming up for Rain is the HomeStory Cup XI this weekend, where he will play in a more relaxed environment and enjoy his time as GSL champion. A week later he will be in Chassieu, France for FEST LYON 2015 where he will be participating with Winter and Serral.

From July 16-18th he will be looking to secure another premier tournament win at Dreamhack Valencia where he will be joined by teammates PengWin, Arium, Sacsri, Serral, Reynor, and Blysk. We will be featuring an all access weekend on our social media during this event, so be sure to follow on Twitter and Facebook to get all the up-to-the-minute results along with candid interviews and media from the mYinsanity team!

Finally, a busy July comes to a close with the ASUS ROG Summer 2015 tournament in Helsinki, Finland.


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