Announcing mYi Rain

Today we are absolutely thrilled to welcome our latest recruit to the mYinsanity family: mYi.Rain!

As one of the most established players in professional Starcraft, Rain joins us after leaving SK Telecom T1 with the desire of attending more Western events. Rain’s personal trophy cabinet already boasts an OSL and a GSL trophy, and he plans to add more to it in 2015. Following the recent WCS changes, Rain will continue to reside in Korea, and will not be attempting to qualify for the WCS Premier League, but rest assured, you’ll be in for plenty of awesome games from our new Protoss in the IEM and Dreamhack circuits next year, as well as the Korean leagues! We sat down with Rain to ask him a few questions about his future with mYi, and this is what he had to say:   Q: Hello Rain! Welcome to the team! First of all, why did you choose to join mYinsanity? A: I wanted to join a foreign team rather than a Korean team because it allows more freedom and would allow me to go to more foreign tournaments. When I was contacted by mYinsanity, they were able to offer me exactly what I wanted, and having my friend Sacsri also on the team was another incentive to join mYi. Q: What are your goals for 2015? A: I want to win every tournament and win the Global Finals. Q: If you could choose one player to beat in a GSL finals who would you choose? A: Hmm I don’t really have any one player I would want to beat, just whoever is best at the time. Q: How many tournaments will you win in 2015? A: If my condition is good enough I want to attend as many tournaments as possible, and I want to win every tournament, so I will win as many tournaments as possible! Everybody here at mYi is ecstatic to have Rain on board, and we look forward to a great year in 2015. To conclude, here are some statements from Rain’s new teammates: Blysk

When PengWin first told me Rain was joining I felt like this Now that i’ve digested the news, I feel like this.


It’s always great to add a new face to the family, and Rain seems like he’s going to fit right in. It’s an honor to be on the same team as somebody so incredibly good at the game!


Having Rain join the team will be really cool. Him joining us will add a lot of diversity to the team and he will be a valuable source of knowledge and practice. I am very

excited to be practicing with him in the future.

Say Hi to Rain on Twitter, Facebook or watch his regular streams on Twitch   For everyone who missed it, our WoCK giveaway is still going, head over to to participate!  

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