Sacsri and Rain – On fire in the GSL and ASL!

What a week it has been for the mYinsanity Starcraft 2 players Sacsri and Rain!  Both players qualified for a spot in GSL’s Code S as well as moved on to the quarterfinals in the ASL Prime Season 4!

Here are some quick recaps of their games as well as some reaction from both players in regards to their fantastic play recently.



GSL Code A – Group D – April 8th 2015

Sacsri vs San

Going into this match, Sacsri was sporting a 63.6% win percentage vs Protoss and in what was a very one sided affair, outplayed San three games in a row to win the BO5 and move into Code S.  Here is how it all went down…

Sacsri     Expedition Lost     San

Sacsri     Overgrowth     San

Sacsri     Vaani Research Station     San

Game one saw Sacsri open with a +1 missile/burrow roach attack that crippled San’s economy.  He then moved into roach/hydra/viper as San countered with stalkers/sentries/immortals.  Sacsri continued to just trade units with every engagement as he had the economy advantage, while teching up to brood lords.  San eventually fell too far behind and although he did try to get himself back into the game with dark templars, it wasn’t enough.

Game two began with San opening into an immortal/sentry/warp prism two base timing attack.  Sacsri held it off quite easily and continued into a roach/hydra composition.  Our Zerg player then counter attacked and happened to catch San’s army out of position which resulted in him winning the game.

In game three, both players settled in for a solid macro game.  Sacsri built up an army of roach/infestor/swarm host as San went into stalker/colossus.  Both players battled for position and expansions while teching up, which eventually led to the final battle of Sacsri’s roach/infestor/swarm host/brood lords vs San’s dwindling stalker/colossus/zealot/templar army.  Sacsri came out on top yet again, and the match was his.

Here is what Sacsri had to say about his match and moving into Code S…

“I didn’t know if I would win or not, but I am very happy to have beaten San.  I didn’t think I would make Code S for a long time, and I believe other people thought so as well.  I hope to make it as far as I can in Code S, but there are some tough opponents.  We’ll see!”


ASL Prime Season 4 – Group C – April 8th 2015

Sacsri vs JonSnow

Sacsri     Overgrowth     JonSnow

Sacsri     Deadwing LE     JonSnow

Games one and two saw JonSnow open aggressively while Sacsri went on to hold both attempts.  The two players then went into macro roach play, with Sacsri’s upgrade advantage winning him the first game and his macro play deciding the second.


Sacsri vs Jaedong

Sacsri     Overgrowth     Jaedong

Sacsri     Deadwing LE     Jaedong

In a reversal of strategy from the first set, Sacsri was the one to apply some very early zergling/baneling pressure in both games.  Jaedong being the player he is however held both aggressive openings with ease and ended up countering both times to win the match.  Jaedong had secured his spot in Code S for the first time since 2012 where he went a disappointing 0-2 in his group, losing to MC and MarineKing.


Sacsri finishing off Taeja in what would be the final engagement of game two

Sacsri vs Taeja

Sacsri     Vaani Research Station     Taeja

Sacsri     Expedition Lost     Taeja

In what would be a very typical ZvT, Taeja opened both games harassing Sacsri with Hellions and cloaked banshees while moving into bio play.  Sacsri held off the harass in game one pretty convincingly and countered with mutalisks before Taeja could get his production rolling, resulting in the win.  In game two, Sacsri moved into a roach/hydra/infestor/viper composition while shutting down Taeja’s drops.  In the end, it was too much for Taeja to handle and Sacsri would move on to the quarterfinals.

VOD can be watched on!

Here is what Sacsri had to say about moving into the ASL Prime Season 4 quarterfinals …

“I was worried headed into the final match with Taeja.  I kept reassuring myself though that I had what it took to win, and I was confident I would make it out of the group.  Heading into a BO5 with Journey, I need to watch out for quick pressure as he likes to take advantage of early builds and it can be difficult to read at times.”




GSL Code A – Group E – April 9th 2015

Rain vs Cure

The last time the two had played was back in October of 2014 in the IEM IX San Jose RO16 when Rain managed to sweep Cure 2-0 in a BO3 quite easily.  With a 67% win percentage all-time vs Terran, Rain was looking to repeat the success of his previous match.

Rain     Overgrowth     Cure

Rain     King Sejong Station     Cure

Rain     Vaani Research Station     Cure

Rain     Deadwing LE     Cure

Game one began with little aggression by both players and therefore moved quickly into a three base macro game.  Rain played very patiently, denying drops and securing a fourth base as Cure secured a fourth of his own.  Nukes were eventually used to draw Rain out of his defensive position, which proved to be a big mistake as Rain pushed out and won the game.

Game two saw Cure attempt a very aggressive hellion opening which failed to cause sufficient damage to Rain, who then countered with blink stalkers catching Cure off guard and winning the game.

In what seemed to be a carbon copy of game one, Rain played very defensively while denying Cure’s drop attempts.  This time however, Cure’s army was slightly larger than Rain’s in the final engagement.  With Rain’s army wiped out, Cure moved down across the map to make the killing blow and make it a 2-1 series.

In what would be the final game, Cure once again was determined to drop Rain.  The passengers aboard the medivac this time were widow mines, which Rain handled without any losses.  The next drop came several minutes later with both players on three bases, and this time it was a doom drop to snipe the main nexus.  Even though Rain was slightly out of position, he recovered and cleaned up the mess while saving his nexus.  With Cure losing almost all of his army in the failed nexus snipe, Rain marched across the map to win the game and move back into Code S!

Here is what Rain had to say about his match and returning to Code S…

“Cure plays a very standard style, so I kept it in mind during my preparation for the match.  I thought that I would make Code S this season and now that I’ve done that, I want to win it all”


ASL Prime Season 4 – Group B – April 9th 2015

Rain vs Journey

Rain     Overgrowth     Journey

Rain     Catallena     Journey

Game one saw Rain lose to widow mine drops and aggressive drop play in general, which would lead to a macro advantage for Journey in the final engagement.  Rain decided to go for dark templars in the second game, which Journey shut down pretty easily.  Journey then counter attacked with widow mine drops which crippled Rain’s economy forcing him to tap out early.


Rain holding Masa’s huge attack that would eventually win him the game

Rain vs Masa

Rain     Vaani Research Station     Masa

Rain     Overgrowth     Masa

Rain opened game one with oracle play as both players moved into a macro game.  Masa decided to push Rain with a massive SCV pull, but Rain managed to hold without taking any economic damage and took the win.  Dark templars were used to open by Rain in game two and proved to be the deciding factor.  Masa couldn’t find a way to handle them and Rain used his advantage to macro a large ground army together and win the match.

Rain vs DongRaeGu

Rain     Overgrowth     DRG

Rain     Catallena     DRG

DRG opened the series by faking a macro game and going for a zergling flood instead.  Rain walled off and hung on to defend, thereby winning the game with a huge economic lead.  In the second game, it was mind games a plenty from Rain as he geared up for an eventual 7-gate warp prism attack that crippled DRG and won him the game.

VOD can be watched on!

Here is what Rain had to say about moving into the ASL Prime Season 4 quarter finals …

“I was not looking forward to playing through this group, they are all very good players and anything could have happened.  I look forward to playing Jaedong in the next round as he is a great player, I have a lot of confidence that I will come out on top though.”


mYinsanity’s team captain Stefan “PengWin” Mott had this to say about the success of his players recently…


“Rain and Sacsri both making it into GSL Code S is fantastic.  For the first time ever, mYi has two players in Code S, and I’m confident that they both have what it takes to advance from the RO32.  Rain’s had a pretty significant slump over the past few months, but with a very respectable top 4 at Gfinity and now an extremely solid win over Cure in Code A, it looks like he’s well on the way to being back to his old self.

Sacsri also didn’t look too great when he first returned to Korea from Europe, but he’s been fighting hard to find that Dreamhack winning form again, and he certainly has it.  Gfinity was a bit of a flop for him, but in general we can see him taking out really big names in the qualifiers for events, and an incredibly dominant 3-0 over San in Code A showed that he’s absolutely in form to make it past the Round of 32. I can’t wait to see their games in Code S!”

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