Sacsri Retires

After nearly two years of success in the mYinsanity jersey we regretfully announce Sacsri's retirement from competitive gaming.

mYinsanity would not be the organization it is today without the passion, commitment and enthusiasm that our players bring to the table day in and day out. This is why we regret to announce that Lee “Sacsri” Yeh Hoon will be retiring from professional gaming. Sacsri, our Zerg player from South Korea, joined mYinsanity on May 29th, 2014 after leaving Korean team SK Telecom T1 earlier that year. It has been nearly two years since that day and our organization could not be stronger and more united. We are honored to have had such a passionate, disciplined and charismatic player wearing the mYinsanity jersey. Sacsri has created great memories over the past two years. So, lets take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on some of our favorite moments.



Sacsri showed a lot of promise and mYinsanity was very excited to work with him from the minute he was signed. The passion and commitment that he showed from day one gave confidence to the team that he would bring a lot to the table and help the organization become stronger. Sacsri integrated himself well to the team and built a comfortable relationship with all the players and staff. His positivity and enthusiasm was infectious and created a great environment around him. All the players loved practicing with him…for the most part.

“I always had a lot of respect for him since the time where he was destroying me with troll strats on the ladder over and over again right after I moved to the myi house”
-Théo “PtitDrogo” Freydière

Sacsri had immediate success in minor tournaments. He competed in 41 Summer Invitational, an offline tournament in mYinsanity’s homeland, Switzerland, where he concluded the tournament with a 2nd place finish. That same year he participated in Munich Starcraft Tournament #10 where he met and defeated Hyun in the finals to come out victorious and claim 1st place. They may have been minor tournaments but Sacsri showed a lot of dedication and commitment to everything he was involved with. The team was ecstatic to have him and his hard work motivated everyone in the organization to work hard.


Screenshot (20)

Then there was the 2014 DreamHack Open: Valencia, Spain. Sacsri started off the Round of 16 with a strong competitor, Stephano. However a confident Sacri maintained focus and pulled a 2:0 victory over the French Zerg. He then moved to the quarter-finales to face the Zerg player Starbuck where Sacsri continued to dominate and moved forward to the semi-finals with another 2-0 victory. The semis caused  some strain on the fans with StarDust taking the first map but a cool, calm and collected Sacsri advanced to the finals with a 2-1 victory. There it was, the moment of truth, mYisanity’s Sacsri vs the “Boss Toss” MC. The series did not disappoint despite Scarsi being regarded as an underdog. The series went back and forth, keeping the audience at the edge of their seats seats up to the last “GG”. Scarsi defeated MC 3-2 and became the 2014 DreamHack: Valencia Champion. Some say that Sacrsi’s major victory that night was over MC and others say his greatest victory was over The Bottle that so many have fallen victim to (Let us not forget ForGG.) However, that day was undoubtedly a major victory for mYinsanity in more ways than one.


The mYinsanity team and staff also shared memorable moments with Sacsri that were away from the spotlight. One of those moments was during the mYinsanity Chocolate Cup. This event was a one day tournament in the mYinsanity house among the players who were currently living there. The winner would receive a gigantic Toblerone chocolate bar (so basically EVERYTHING was on the line.) This event created some hysterical and memorable moments with Sacsri. Later that night Sacsri ended up winning the Chocolate Cup and was very humble about it…


“Sacsri is a great player and friend for mYinsanity. I have lived with him for many months and  during that time we grew very close. DreamHack: Valencia will stay in our memory forever. Sacsri leaves us to join the army and we wish him all the best in serving his country! Thank you very much for the amazing time, Sacsri. You are always welcome at mYi.
-Cedric “Schloc” Schlosser, CEO

“Sacsri was a very cool dude…watching his relationship with Reynor was pretty fucking hilarious.”-Max de la Fuente”Smile” Bentin


“I love Sacsri…nuff said”-Thomas “Blysk” Kopankiewicz

We are honored to have had such talented and outstanding player like Sacsri. We are proud of everything he has accomplished and the respected career he leaves behind. From everyone at mYinsanity we wish him the best in all future endeavours. He will be missed and will always have a place in this organization.


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