Serral wins the IeSF World Championship 2015!

It's getting close to the end of 2015, which means the start of a new WCS season is soon to come. However, while we wait for the new season to begin, we are full swing into a new era of StarCraft 2 with the release of the new expansion “Legacy of the Void”.

From December 2nd to December 5th, Joona “Serral” Sotala attended the “7th e-Sports World Championship” A.K.A “IeSF World Championship”. The tournament featured 16 world-class players such as The Swedish player Zanster, Top- Rated Serbian Beastyqt, Has, and much more from various nations around the world. The event took place in Seoul, Korea and was held in the NEXON Arena, casted by Tasteless and Artosis.

The format featured 4 groups in a round robin during the first stage, which were a best of 3 series. The top 2 of each group would be moving on to the Ro8 single elimination playoffs. Serral went first in his group 3-0 (Group C) and had an impressive 6-2 map score. He dispatched of his first round opponents Mystery, Elroye, and Tsotne with ease, showing that he was focused while adapting to the new style LotV has to offer.

Serral looked to be the top name at the tournament as he did not drop a single map (4-0) while taking out Aphrodite and EnDerr on his way to the grand finals. In the final set, he showed us some power plays while facing the Chinese player Mystery, who he had beaten 2-1 earlier in the group stage. Mystery himself had a pretty tough side of the playoff bracket, going up against both Beastyqt and Has while winning both sets 2-1 and 2-0 respectively.  Mystery however looked to be no match for Serral in the grand finals as he went on to lose 0-2 against the young Finnish player. Serral had this to say about his experience in the tournament…


Serral shown moments away from capturing the IeSF World Championship versus Mystery in the grand finals!

What were you feeling going into this tournament?

I was really confident going into IeSF, because the event didn’t have the strongest players present. I found players like Zanster, Beastyqt and Elroye the strongest, but I had to play only against Elroye from these players.


How was your experience in Seoul?

I had a really good time in Seoul, I liked basically everything. Food was great and the weather was similar to Finnish weather. Hotel was fine as well and the tournament was well organized. No complaints.

You definitely had a strong showing in your playoff run. Did you feel like the finals were going to be no problem?

I got to the finals without too many problems, EnDerr gave me the biggest trouble but I managed to 2-0 him. I did play Mystery in the group stage, and was aware he did a lot of double stargate stuff, so I was prepared for that. That made the finals a lot easier for me, knowing exactly what he was going for after scouting the stargates.


Feel like you’re going to be in more IeSF events moving forward?

I will most likely go to more IeSF events if I get the chance. Overall a great and fun experience. Also got some success, so all good.



This being one of the last tournaments for 2015, it was a good way to end the year for Serral. On behalf of all of us here at mYinsanity, GG!


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