Shanghai Major 2016: Group D Results

The final day of the group stages brings us four western teams in CompLexity Gaming and Evil Geniuses from the USA, Team Liquid and Virtus Pro from EU and CIS respectively. As usual, we'll give you a quick introduction of the teams before the group recap.

CompLexity Gaming is a team that comes from the US region, but has three Swedish players coming from the former Ninjas in Pyamas team. Brothers Chessie and Limmp along with Handsken. join another brother duo in swindlemelonzz and Zfreek to round out the team. The Europeans added a fresh angle to the coL team and gave them a narrow lead over Digital Chaos, who is again missing the major by one spot.

Evil Geniuses need no introduction. TI5 champions are looking to improve over their 3rd place finish from Frankfurt and take that $1,100,000 1st place prize for themselves. They have recently finished 2nd in both the MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter and the Starladder i-League, losing to EHOME and Alliance respectively. Here in Shanghai however, everything but 1st place will be a disappointment for a team of this caliber.

Virtus Pro is an old Russian powerhouse team that is also looking to improve over their constant 5th-8th place finishes. Things started off really well with the addition of Silent, who is a more stable carry player than Illidan was. Back in December, they finished 2nd in the Summit 4, leaving only Evil Geniuses in front of them. The sad thing for VP is the fact they had a 2:0 lead over EG and ended up losing 3:2 to the Americans in the finals.

Our last team to preview is Team Liquid, an organization that is finally getting some recognition in the Dota 2 community. After the surprise and disappointment of not being in Frankfurt for that Major, they are finally here in China and are looking to show us what they got. They finished 3rd in Starladder i-League, where they lost 2:0 to the Alliance, who themselves finished 1st in the event.

The X factor in their team’s performance is their offlaner MinD_ContRoL, who is the only player here that doesn’t have too much experience. Usually when he is playing an outstanding game, they win. We’ll see in Shanghai if he picked up some confidence from playing on the big stages prior to this major.


Evil Geniuses 2:1 CompLexity Gaming
Two of the best US teams clashed in three games. The first game going to coL, who had a better team fight draft, where EG relied more on the pickoffs in their hero picks. In the other two games, EG went for more pressure and team fight in their drafts and they took the remaining games in under an hour combined, marching with confidence to the Winner’s Match.

Virtus Pro 2:1 Team Liquid
The second series went in a similar manner as the first one. Team Liquid took the first game very quickly due to the better team fight draft, while VP consolidated and took the series with the result of 2:1 in two very clutch games. Game one was going in the way of Virtus Pro after the initial pressure from Liquid, but one wrong Roshan fight and it was all over for the Bears. After a regroup, they fought back and were on to the Winner’s Match against EG.



Evil Geniuses vs Virtus Pro


Evil Geniuses 2:0 Virtus Pro
Virtus Pro fought really hard against EG, but were unable to take their game to the next level against ppd’s excellent draft. On the other hand, this was the best two game series in the tournament so far. G gave us an excellent performance with his Invoker and Zeus, while DKPhobos gave us great Earthshaker in game 2. Excellent pressuring and constant rotating 3-5 heroes around gave EG a very important early advantage, which proved critical despite VP contesting their advantage quite a few times.

Team Liquid 2:0 Virtus Pro
The rematch of the first series of the day gave us another exciting series. Again, Team Liquid played a very back and forth game number one, getting them a very early tower advantage. Virtus Pro got back at them however, in a very clutch fight near the Tier 2 tower in the mid lane, giving G a triple kill on his Death Prophet. It was all for not though as one wrong fight for VP was taken, and their momentum was gone. The Drow Ranger pick was really not in synergy with the other four heroes for VP, so its possible it came down to that pick among with all the outplay by Liquid, which resulted in the loss for VP

The second game was a very interesting and fast-paced game, giving Group D it’s deserved title of the best group. Battles that were undertaken here were very epic, leaving VP ultimately defending barracks for the most part of the game, just as they did against Evil Geniuses. In the end, Team Liquid had their revenge against the Russians and went on to the upper bracket along with EG.


The last day provided us with expected victories from the boys in blue, both Liquid and EG. However, Virtus Pro and CompLexity are two very talented teams that can take anyone’s scalps, especially in a BO1 scenario. At this point in the tournament, players will take a break and will resume with the bracket stage on March 2nd.

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