Smash Summit 2 Preview

A few months have passed since the first installment of the Smash Summit. Hosted by Beyond the Summit (BTS), Smash Summit was a very pivotal event for players, viewers, and the Smash Community as a whole. Now, Smash Summit 2 is a day away and we have everything you need to know to prepare!


Smash Summit consists of sixteen invited players in a house to train, bond and compete against each other. More importantly, it provided viewers with a unique chance to see their players in a new, more personal light. With different commentary pairs, fun challenges, and late night “Mafia”, Melee fans were treated with a “behind the scene” viewing experience of their favorite professional players. With Smash Summit 2 starting this weekend, and a new group of players, we can expect another unique and entertaining experience.


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Summit2 bracket

Hungrybox’s Run:

It was the head storyline going into POUND 2016 and it is the head storyline going to Smash Summit 2. With another 1st place finish at POUND 2016, Liquid|Hungrybox lengthens his victory run to four (PAX Arena, Super Nebulous 4, Battle of the Five Gods, and POUND 2015).  The Florida Jigglypuff main looks unbeatable right now after convincingly beating Hax and C9|Mango, 3-0 and 3-1 respectively at POUND 2016.

“We need all the help we can get. This is 666xx we are dealing with. Jiggs is taking over and someone needs to put an end to it. And its going to be Prince Abu.”-Hax


Prince Abu:


Dubbed “The Meme” by Redbull’s smash player spotlight article, the Michigan Jigglypuff main looks to be in attendance for Smash Summit 2 after a successful donation drive earlier this month. For those who are new to the scene, the importance of Prince Abu’s presence at Smash Summit 2 may be unclear, however, as Hax’s quote stated, he is going to be the savior of Melee, but how? He can not end Hungrybox’s run personally but, he has the skill and knowledge to train other top players such as Armada and Mango, in the Jigglypuff match up. Undoubtedly, the second best Jigglypuff main in the world, Prince Abu will certainly provide players with the necessary practice to eventually overcome Hungrybox and will provide viewers with excellent commentary and analysis of matches Hungrybox plays.



New Kids on the Block:


Every Smash Summit, ten players are automatically invited to the event, while six are chosen by the community via a voting process. Since the first event, we have seen some of these players make incredible strides in their gameplay and tournament performances. Players such as, Alex19, S2J, SFAT, and BERT|Swedish Delight have all shown the benefits of attending this event. For Smash Summit 2, viewers will get to see PG|Wobbles, mYi|Ice, Secret|Silent Wolf, Duck, and PG|ESAM in action. Unlike the other players attending Smash Summit, these five were not invited the last time. This is significant because attending the Smash Summit might prove to be the catalyst (or Rare Candy) that allows these players to level up in the following months.


99 Problems but a Sponsor Ain’t One:


Sponsorships are an important step and goal for many rising professional Melee players. However, at Smash Summit 2 there is no pressure to impress a sponsor because with the exception of Duck, every player is already sponsored. This really shows how far Melee has gone in becoming eSports.





summit poster update (1)


After finishing 2nd at POUND 2016, the best friend duo will be looking to defend their Doubles title from the first Smash Summit. For those who may not have seen the match, CLG|PewFat took first place over Armada and Mew2King after five games in the Grand Finals, with the end being a thrilling 2v1 comeback by SFAT. All that is left to ask is will their emphasis on synergy and communication overcome the Gods once again?


[A]rmada & COG MVG|Mew2King

While this team has not played in recent months, both are exceptional teams players and have the individual skill to fill in the gaps. Placing 2nd at the first Smash Summit, this pair took CLG|Pewfat to Game 5 in Grands. With this in mind, can they get revenge at Smash Summit 2?


Liquid|Hungrybox & PG|Plup

This Florida pair will be coming into Smash Summit 2 with high confidence having place 1st at POUND 2016 over CLG|PewFat. While both players are exceptional singles players, their affinity for doubles, specifically stage control is almost unrivaled. With a Doubles title under their belts and more time to develop as a stable team, the only question is if they can go back-to-back and take the Smash Summit 2 Doubles event?




mYi|Ice & PG|ESAM

Last but not least, mYinsanity’s very own Ice & PG|ESAM! While this duo has never paired before, both believe that there is potential in the Samus/Fox team. ESAM also agreed with the potential and appears very confident.

“I’m excited to team with him! I’m not sure how much synergy we will have as we have never played against each other or with each other, but we are both pretty smart so we will figure it out. I’ve played the team a decent amount, it’s actually really good! The thing I always worry about the most is my missiles hitting him since I am very…missile happy. Lingering Samus hitboxes make it really easy for Fox to swoop in with pressure or follow-up since he has ample time to realize it’ll hit or at least create pressure. Ice is strong at edgeguarding and Samus’ lingering hitboxes will be absolutely amazing for corralling our opponents. It is going be hard, though, as many of the teams going are static partners (Pewfat, Plupbox, Armada2king, etc). ” -ESAM

When asked about Doubles, Ice shared a similiar confidence as ESAM.

“I am really hyped to team with ESAM and am already thinking of some Samus/Fox strategies.”-Ice

Other Team pairs include: C9|Mango & MIOM|S2J, PG|Wobbles & Tempo|Axe, Duck & Secret|Silent Wolf, WFX|Shroomed & Tempo|Westballz,



Interview with Ice




Q: What was going through your mind during that final 3 hour push to get in?

A: Last 3 hours I realized I had to sell out or do something that put myself out since I am not normally active on social media. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and knew I had to seize my chance. The last 3 hours were really stressful. Even after I couldn’t believe when it all ended.


Q: Have you been doing anything differently training wise now that you know that you are in the Summit?

A: I have been practicing with a local falcon player in Berlin and switching up training routines. I  rarely practice on level 1 Ganondorf anymore. In addition, I keep myself in shape and try to have a good mindset.


Q: Is there anyone in particular that you are excited to play or any main that you want to practice a lot with during the Summit?

A: There is no one in particular, I just want to get as much practice in the Summit. I really hope I will have enough time to play against everyone and get as good as possible.


Q: Do you have any particular goals for the event?

A:  I want to take the most out of the event. Of course ideally I want to win the event, but mainly I want to concentrate on playing my best and get as much experience from it.


Q: There are a ton of side events at Smash Summit, is there any one that you are particular excited for? (Mafia, Crew Battles, Iron Man, Rivals of Aether, and Shared Controller Tournament)

A: Some friends and I practice Mafia at locals here. I played it 4 times and I really like the game and find it funny. I do not want to end up as a noob in Mafia.


Q: Any final words to the fans that will be cheering for you at the Summit?

A: I wanted to say thanks again to everyone that voted for me. I promise to do my absolute best at the Summit and expect to see some good melee.



Side Events

No Smash Summit is complete without fun side tournaments for both the players and viewers enjoyment. The days prior to the final tournament will be filled with unique events that will allow watchers to see their players in a new light. Events will include…


  1. Mafia
  2. Summit Draft Teams (4 teams)
  3. 8 Player Iron Man (2 from each team)
  4. Shared Controller Tournament
  5. Rivals of Aether Tournament


You can find more information on the tournament including brackets, and rules on the website!


Be sure to cheer on mYi|Ice and your other favorite Smashers at starting this Thursday!


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