Smash Summit: Spring 2017 Preview

Set to start March 2nd and running until March 5th, Smash Summit: Spring 2017 is finally here!


While a serious tournament in its own right, Smash Summit is unique in how it presents itself. The “behind-the-scenes” feel of Summit creates an atmosphere that has resonated well with Smash audiences. The setting of a residence, skits, side games, and an outpouring of memes all create a human atmosphere surrounding what can seem like elevated players. It’s a chance for viewers to see the “backroom” interactions that happen between the celebrities of Melee.

Now the fourth in the series, Smash Summit: Spring 2017 will continue that tradition. With 16 players vying for dominance, Summit is shaping up to be another exciting event. For players and viewers alike. Out of the players, 13 are returning veterans. 10 have attended every Summit since its inception. Each have had a shot at the title. However, this year might have one goal above the others. Armada.

Returning Veterans

Adam “Armada” Lindgren

Armada has been a beast over the past few months. In 2017, he has yet to drop a set. Even those in the top 10 are falling short. Grand Finals of Genesis 4 showed an Armada that stood on a level beyond other players. However, he is not invincible. At BEAST 7, both matches with Leffen went to game 5. Each set was a toss-up, with Armada squeaking out a victory. The others have a chance, and they might put more effort than usual to bring Armada down.


Jose “Lucky” Aldama

After missing out on the last two events, Lucky is making his return to Summit. After an injury left him out of the tournament circuit, he has made an impressive return. In 2017 so far, he placed 9th at Genesis 4 and took first place at Smash Valley V. It’s clear that his time outside of the circuit has not diminished his threat. Summit, with the talent present, may be a huge boost to Lucky. He may not have the best shot at victory. Yet, this may be a catalyst to propel him into Top 8 placings for the remainder of the year. It’s also worth noting that this may be the last Summit Lucky attends for a while, as stated on his Twitter.


Summit Newcomers

Jason “Infinite Numbers” Gauthier

Part of the Summit newcomers is another benefactor of the New England vote bomb, Infinite Numbers. Numbers got national attention after an impressive run at Pound 2016, earning him 9th place. Since then, he has been a Top 64 threat at nationals. Like Mafia in Summit 3, Numbers is getting the opportunity to play with some of the best for a whole weekend. There is no doubt that he will use it as much as he can.


Hugo “HugS” Gonzalez

After being eliminated three times, HugS finally has his shot at Summit. The iconic Samus main, HugS has been a serious player since before the MLG days of Melee tournaments. Since then, he has kept himself afloat as a consistent Top 16 threat. His partnership with Selfless Gaming also gives him a valuable doubles partner with Lucky. As the only solo Samus main there, the others can’t afford to sleep on HugS.


Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez

With a similar backstory, ChuDat gets his first attempt at Summit. Starting out before the MLG days, ChuDat was a driving force behind the viability of Ice Climbers. Even still, he is one of the most dangerous Ice Climber players today. While his personality borders on memetic, he has a serious shot at creating upsets in this stacked event.



While singles bracket is set to be exciting, it is far from the only event this weekend. Doubles, a Low-Tier Iron Man challenge, Draft Crew Battles, and three nights of Mafia are all part of the event. Whether one watches as a spectator, or as a competitor, there is no doubt that Smash Summit: Spring 2017 is set to thrill.

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