Swiss HearthStone players CleanBandit, Nerdlol and EntryFee join mYinsanity!

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our HearthStone roster with the addition of three Swiss players!

HearthStone has been popular in Switzerland since its release, although it’s only been during the last few months that a vital and competitive community has been established. Several Fireside Gatherings have taken place recently and united players of mYinsanity’s homeland, while the local LAN’s have launched HearthStone tournaments.


This was reason enough for us to scout for Swiss Hearthstone players and we’re thrilled to have found some talented players.

Tieng “CleanBandit” Tran from Biel

CleanBandit has been playing Hearthstone since the beta, and prior to that he was actively playing both League of Legends and Yu-Gi-Oh. He has recently won a Fireside Gathering in Lausanne and has placed in the top 200 of HearthStone’s ladder.

Elia “Nerdlol” Del Favero from Bern

When Nerdlol was younger he played many card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, and MTG (which he continues to still play), although his video game experience began with titles like League of Legends and World of Warcraft. He has been competing in HearthStone since the beta, and had reached legendary almost every season in 2015. His most notable result being a 4th place finish at this year’s SwitzerLAN.

Marcel “EntryFee” Burri from Hinterfultigen

EntryFee is the most experienced player of the trio. He’s been playing the game since its beta and qualified last spring for the China vs. EU tournament, where he got the chance to travel to Hangzhou and compete with well-known names such as Kolento, ThijsNL and StanCifca vs. the Chinese representatives. He also participated in SwitzerLAN 2015 where he finished in 2nd place.

Like his teammates, he began playing Yu-Gi-Oh at a young age.  EntryFee has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh for nearly ten years and has been topping multiple international tournaments such as the European Championship in 2014 where he placed 2nd.


These Swiss players will not only represent us in local tournaments, but also fight in international competitions and continue their climb of HearthStone’s competitive ladder. Therefore, they will practice intensely in preparation for European qualifiers. They will make their first appearance under Team mYinsanity at the BarStone Zurich XII


Hearthstone has currently one of the biggest eSports scenes and its publisher announced big plans for 2016. Therefore it wasn’t a question for us to strengthen our force in Blizzard’s online card game. And I’m excited that we found a trio, who doesn’t only reach for the Swiss podiums but also compete in international tournaments. They are very motivated and with the RNG in their favour, I’m sure they will conquer not only Switzerland.

– Manuel Oberholzer, Management Member


I’m really excited to join mYinsanity’s Hearthstone team. I’ve always been a big fan of the organisation and joining them with my Friends is a Dream coming true. I’m looking forward to represent the team international and try to get one of us a seat at the World Championships in 2016.

– Tieng “CleanBandit” Tran, HearthStone Team Captain

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