SwitzerLAN 2015

SwitzerLAN is a LAN party with over 500 participants who do battle in several popular games for a prize pool totaling 7'000 CHF.

As an eSport business based in Switzerland, mYinsanity isn’t only involved with international competition but also assists in developing the Swiss eSports scene. We currently support several Swiss teams and players while generating awareness for eSports by organizing tournaments and LAN parties. One of our gaming events takes place October 1st – 4th at the sold out SwitzerLAN in Bern.

public program

SwitzerLAN is a LAN party with over 500 participants who do battle in several popular games for a prize pool totaling 7’000 CHF . The event is a sub-exhibition of Switzerland’s biggest toy exhibition called “Suisse Toy“, and is part of the E-Games showcase which can exect up to 55,000 visitors at the venue. To entertain eSports fans, we have set up a stage with a diverse program of: eSports, speeches, cosplay and game design.

The public program is accessible for all Suisse Toy visitors, so don’t hesitate to visit the event if you are from the region. All Swiss mYinsanity players will be participating in SwitzerLAN, and we asked some of them what they thought of representing their country as well as their team…

We look forward to participating in SwitzerLAN, since this will be the biggest Swiss CS:GO tournament to date. Over 40 teams sign up for the competition and we’re confident that we can perform strongly due to our experience and enthusiasm.

– Marco “blAke“ Bugno, Captain of mYinsanity’s Swiss CS:GO team


After winning the Swiss DotA 2 championships last summer, the expectations are very high. Since there are always up and coming teams who want to beat us, we have prepared a lot in anticipation. It’s always awesome to meet teammates as well. Getting to put a face to the name while hanging out and learning more about them helps to solidify our team.

– David “Davy“ Morf, Captain of mYinsanity’s Swiss DotA 2 team


I’m dying to go to SwitzerLAN! With over 500 participants it’s one of the biggest LAN events in Switzerland and is a perfect opportunity to meet fellow gamers, make friends and have a good time.  It also gives me an opportunity to enjoy my passion and show off my skills in StarCraft 2. Since I’m currently in very good shape I expect to win the tournament, or at the very least play in the finals. I hope to meet awesome people, have some healthy competition and a lot of fun.

– Fabio “Zervas” Bügler, mYinsanity Starcraft 2 pro

Don’t wait, get your Suisse Toy/E-Game Ticket here!

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