Syndicate Preview and Storylines

The European smash scene has grown rapidly over the last few years with the continuation of long running tournament series, such as B.E.A.S.T and the addition of smash in DreamHack’s line up. The scene continues to expand with the introduction of Syndicate, a European major this weekend (September 10-11) in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Syndicate is the result of the collaboration between GGWP and Avalon. It is the largest tournament in Dutch history boasting 500+ entrants, with 209 Melee singles entrants and 130 team entrants. Top players such as, [A]rmada, G2|Westballz, Ice, vWs|Professor Pro, HEIR|Trifasia, Android, Zgetto, and many more are in attendance. In teams we have Team UGS, Ice & HEIR|Reaper, Professor Pro & Westballz, Overtriforce & Trifasia to name a few. Being streamed by our very own Geeky Goon Squad and Salty Playground this is a tournament that everyone will want to see.




1. The Westballz Circus is back on the road

Westballz is arguably the most well traveled smash player. He has been a large supporter of the European scene, travelling from country to country to play in majors and locals. He stopped travelling for a bit in the late spring/early summer due to burnout and opted to recover and prepare for the “Summer of Smash”. Now with the season over and Westballz back in full stride, the American Falco main is continuing to support the European scene and is surprisingly the only top American player at Syndicate.


While we know how he fares against the top European players, his biggest challenge is undoubtedly Armada. Even though the sets have not been the closest in the past, we could see a very different Westballz this time. Having less doubt in his Falco for the match up and his belief that the PAL version is better could be the spark Westballz needs to have a chance of overcoming Armada.


2. Armada needs this win

With the “Summer of Smash” ending, the amount of tournaments are a lot less and there are only a few tournaments left before the yearly 2016 MIOM ranking. Currently the race for the top spot has been close with Hungrybox currently on the throne and Armada and Mango not far behind. The issue with this is that while a win at Syndicate will not improve Armada’s chance to be #1 in 2016, anything but a dominating win will surely hurt him and could cause him to even move down to the #3 spot under Mango and Hungrybox. So while it may seem that Armada does not have much in sake for this tournament, he is arguably in the worst position because he does not have much to gain but much to lose.


3. Runbacks Galore

Looking at the projected bracket there are several worthwhile matches to watch in the Top 64 Bracket, many of which are runbacks of several close sets at Heir 3.

  • Professor Pro vs. Overtriforce

Under the assumption that Overtriforce beats Zgetto and Professor Pro beats Reaper, these two will get to runback their nail-biting Game 5 last stock set at Heir 3. Overtriforce clutched out the win at Heir 3 and popped off in tremendous fashion afterwards. However, Professor Pro still has the lifetime record over Overtriforce with 26 wins and 15 loses according to

In addition it is important to point out that including the Heir 3 result, that out of their last 5 matches, three of them went to Game 5. In addition, out of the 5 last matches Professor Pro won 3 of them. This shows just how close these two are in skill and that at Syndicate it is an absolute toss up on who will advance into Top 8 winner’s side from the win.

  • Ice vs. Westballz

It seems fated that Ice will face off against Westballz in the tournament. In the past two years these two have approximately played a staggering 10 sets. Their most recent set was at Super SmashCon where Westballz managed to reverse 3-0 Ice, which eliminated him from the tournament. Their current record is 8-2 in Westballz favor. This fated encounter should happen in Top 8 winner’s side if both manage to go through the bracket as expected.


Honorable Mention

  • Ice vs. Android

Currently, Android is projected on the site to beat Trifasia and face Ice in Winner’s Quarters. Of course, the set versus Trifasia will be a very difficult one and a good win if he manages to do it. With that being said, Android certainly has the skill and the match up expertise to win and face of Ice in the next round. This will be a runback from Heir 3 where Android actually 3-0 Ice.

According to, their record is tied at 2-2 with the last two matches ending in 3-0’s (one for each player). With the storyline set at Heir 3, if these two meet, this runback has potential to be one of the best sets of the tournament.


  1. Exhibitions

After Day 1 of the event there are two Melee exhibitions that are must watches. To kick it off, LLL|Jeapie faces off against Westballz in a Falcon ditto. Their matches in the past have been filled with insane edge guards, moonwalks, and crazy movement options. These two not just trying to win but absolutely embarrass their opponent in the most stylish way possible. Expect a few GIFs to come out of this set.


The next exhibition is called “The Armada Games”, where 5 of Armada’s characters will square off against 5 Top European Players (Amsah, Trifasia, Baxon, Fuzzyness,  and Reaper). This will be a really interesting match and it will be a war of counterpicks for sure. During the last Summit, we saw Armada bring out his Fox, Peach, Falco, Sheik, and Marth during the Iron Man. It is likely that he will use those same characters in the exhibition but of course there is a chance we can see other characters like his Young Link. Whatever happens, the exhibition will be really fun to watch.


Be sure to tune into Syndicate and support mYinsanity|Liva and his Geeky Goon Squad stream this weekend!



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