Jo "Golden" Myeong Hwan

A Zerg player from South Korea who has become a regular streamer. Expect to find Golden entertaining his fans with creative and fun gameplay or by casting tournaments in either Korean or English languages!


Théo "PtitDrogo" Freydière

Raise your baguettes for our Protoss player from France! Ptitdrogo is one of the best Protoss players in the world and continues to impress. Be on the lookout for his stream, if your are looking to improve there is no one better to learn from.


Thomas "ShaDoWn" Labrousse

ShaDowN is a Protoss player from France who has a lot of potential for improvement. He is currently practicing and participating in online tournaments, most notably the Underdogs series hosted by O'Gaming.


Joshua "RiSky" Hayward

RiSky is an up and coming Zerg player coming from the United Kingdom.


Max de la Fuente "Smile" Bentin

Smile is a Terran player from Peru who has been a member of mYinsanity for some time. He is a regular in team leagues and clan wars.


Han "aLive" Lee Seok

aLive is one of the best Terran players in the world and competes in WCS Korea.


Fabio "Zervas" Bügler

Fabio "Zervas" Bügler is a Swiss Zerg player, He is a former Warcraft 3 and League of Legends player and first played StarCraft II in early 2011.