The mYinsanity DotA2 team has won the “Swiss DotA2 Championship”!

It was a successful June for our DotA2 team as they placed first in the “Swiss DotA2 Championship” hosted by the Swiss Dota Community.  The first qualifier round took place June 6th where our boys met “Wasted Talent” in the finals, and won 2-0 fairly easily.  This made them the early favorites to win the tournament itself, as they put on a commanding display of teamwork.

At the Championships on June 28th they met “Wasted Talents” again in the finals, who had won the second qualifying round.  This time, the matches were much closer and could have swung in either teams favor.  After several fantastic games from both teams, including an 80min marathon match, our DotA2 team took the win 3-1 and now advance to the 7th E-Sports World Championship to be held later this year in Łódź, Poland.

I had the chance to speak with Flurin “Flu” Bandli about the team’s performance so far under the mYinsanity banner…

We have a group of very talented players who all bring their own strengths to the table.  David “Davy” Morf is a consistent and reliable midlane.  Benjamin “SSNOOWWBOARDING” Gantner can create a ton of space to allow for big plays which are usually made by a calm and collected Nicolas “Asharon” Bizirianis.  Michael “VincentVega” Solari has the largest fanpool of any Swiss DotA2 player, which infuses us with energy for big matches.  I like to feel I can hit creeps with decent accuracy, and keep pushes in check.

As a team, we tend to stay calm under pressure, and know how to maintain the small advantages.  Although I feel we have the most individual talent in the Swiss community, I feel we have a far way to go to compete with the world’s top teams.  I believe with hard work and practice, we can get to a point where we can compete.  It is rare when we get to practice with all five of us present though, usually we have one to two stand-ins to fill the team.

Do you feel you can get to that level of talent to compete at the World Championships in Poland?  What do you feel your chances of winning are?

I believe we can get out of the group stages, although to win the entire tournament may be a strong challenge.  There are many strong teams that may be going such as Newbee from China who won TI4, and 4ASC from Finland.  Other than those teams, we can beat anyone.

What does the team have planned for the upcoming summer months?

We will be participating in many online cups such as the Faceit Cup to practice for the World Championships in the fall.  We also have Switzerlan which is coming up in October, that will be an important event for us to do well in.

The International 2015 which is happening from August 3rd-8th in the Keyarena at Seattle Center now has over a $15,000,000 prize pool.  What are your thoughts on the tournament and who do you see winning?

I find it insane how much the prize pool grows every year, it’s truly unbelievable.  I hope the games will live up to the ever increasing hype, and I’m thinking it’s going to be a Na’Vi vs Secret final.  Although my heart says Na’Vi, my brain says Secret!

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