The Reign of Rain in 2015

Through many highs and lows, much can be said about the players heading into the 2015 WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon.

CJ.herO leads the pack of finalists, coming off a consistent year where he placed top 4-8 in almost every major competition. Mil.Lilbow, being the only non-Korean to play at Blizzcon this year, made incredible runs through WCS S2 (Finals) and WCS S3 (Champion). However, there is one player who has been under the radar which may be a cause of concern for the other 15 finalists. He currently has one of the highest win rates in all of his match ups and is coming off one of his best years in recent memory. The “Assasin” has made his appearance yet again, and that man is mYinsanity’s Rain.

Rain has also had a pretty consistent year for himself. Let’s keep in mind that in the beginning of the year, this was still a new idea as he was coming off a slight slump in 2014. Missing out on the 2014 WCS finals and all (system flaws can be brought in, different discussion), the transition from a Korean team to a foreign team was still to be in factors of conversation. Although the majority of people did feel he would continue with his dominating performance, as he signed off 2014 with a 2nd place finish at IEM San Jose. This was a sign of good form to come from Rain, who was anticipating a strong 2015.

Rain lived up to his hype this year, and performed well during the 2015 WCS Series. Playing in Korea, which hosts the best players in the world featured in one super tournament – The Global Star League (GSL), Rain qualified for Code S in all 3 seasons. In season 1 Rain defeated Life in the RO32, who had been dominating both foreign and domestic tournaments at the time. Rain would eventually fall in the Ro16 in a heartbreaking 0-2 loss over all in the group.
Rain would make an impact in Season 2 however, making his way to the top and becoming champion by defeating ByuL in convincing fashion. ByuL himself had defeated other big names on his way to the finals, including notable Protoss players Parting and sOs.
Season 3, which seemed to be a Season 1 repeat, saw Rain lose 0-2 in his group. The games were however much closer than his result showed, as he managed to bring all of his opponents to an ace match.
Rain managed to finish the year with a HomeStory Cup XI title over teammate Sacsri, while placing high in other notable tournaments such as Dreamhack Stockholm, IEM Shenzhen and the SSL (StarCraft II Star League).

Looking back at such a successful 2015, it’s hard to believe Rain struggled after moving to a foreign team. With all of the WCS point collecting wrapped up, Rain would finish the 2015 WCS Series with 2425 points, placing him 6th. Having an impressive 63% total win percentage, making him currently 4th highest in winning percentage, he is a clear favorite heading into the WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon!


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