Tournament Preview: B.E.A.S.T. 6

The long awaited sixth installment of the B.E.A.S.T. series begins tomorrow. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, this tournament has officially become the largest European Smash tournament to date.

Boasting 676 entrants over three smash games (Melee, Smash 4, Project M), this international major will be the battle ground for many entertaining matches. Top-level talents fill the entrants list, with Tempo|Westballz, Abate, PG|Wobbles, and PG|ESAM travelling across the pond to represent America. Europe’s elites such as VwS|Professor Pro, Overtriforce, Amsah, mYi|Ice, Heir|reaper, and Zgetto all flying in as well to represent their respective countries, while the Swedes [A]rmada, Android, and TSM|Leffen hope to defend their home turf. With 411 players entered in Melee singles and 264 Melee teams registered, check out the schedule and tune in for three action packed days of Smash!

The Storylines


Clash of the Swedish Gods

After an unfortunate visa issue at the end of the Summer, TSM|Leffen has been unable to travel to several super majors in America including the Big House 5, Smash Summit, and Genesis 3. With B.E.A.S.T. 6 less than a day away, and both training hard to win the event, it seems like fate that these two Swedish Gods will meet in bracket. If so, will Leffen be back in full force and take down [A]rmada like in CEO, FC Return, and WTFox? Or is this going to be another repeat of Eclipse where Armada 3-0’d Leffen in Winner’s and Grand Finals? Either way, it can be said that everyone is waiting too see this Swedish showdown.


The American Invasion

Unlike B.E.A.S.T. 5, none of the American Gods are in attendance for this tournament. However, in their place is a unique crew of Americans consisting of Tempo|Westballz, Abate, and PG|Wobbles. Only recently have other American players, outside of the “Gods”, begun to travel to Europe for international competitions. Notably, Westballz has appeared in numerous European tournaments in the recent past, placing 2nd and 4th at DreamHack London and Winter respectively, and finishing 1st at Kickstart 6 this past weekend after resetting the bracket vs. mYi|Ice. This makes Westballz the favorite among the Americans to go the farthest in bracket. However, with no Luigi or Ice Climbers mains equal to Abate’s and PG|Wobbles’ caliber it will be interesting to see how far they will go in bracket vs. the European elites.



Future of Geeky Goon Squad

In late December of 2015, a reddit post was made concerning the future of Geeky Goon Squad (GGS), the undisputed main/best stream in the European Smash scene. Their leader, Liva, announced that GGS could disband after B.E.A.S.T. 6 if they did not reach their goal of 300 subscribers on Twitch. While their website indicates that they will be streaming tournaments till April, it is crucial that smash fans tuning into B.E.A.S.T. 6 to support GGS. Liva and his crew have brought top quality streaming to the European scene and introduced incredible functions such as, instant replay and the Casino function for in between matches. The loss of GGS to the European scene is comparable to the U.S.A. losing both Showdown and VGBootCamp. With that being said, GGS is currently at 157 subscribers, so while enjoying B.E.A.S.T. 6 lets save GGS in the process!




The popularity of teams has only started to rise in America, with singles taking main priority for American smashers. However, teams hold a special place for many Europeans. The scene has a long history of teams, as many top players take the doubles event almost as seriously as singles. While Team UGS ([A]rmada and Android) and mYi|Ice and TSM|Leffen are still likely to meet in Grand Finals, the run to Grand Finals is going to be as exciting as ever.

Defending their homeland, two staple Swedish teams to look out for are Zoler/Random-Ness and CalleW/Humpe. With excellent teamwork and years playing along side each other they reached 13th and 9th respectively at DreamHack Winter. In addition, Zoler/Random-Ness placed 4th at Helix and 3rd at Eclipse.

The United Kingdom is going full force with their first and second best teaming up in the form of Professor Pro and Fuzzyness. With the 4th best in Europe, VwS|Professor Pro teaming with his long time practice partner and friend, Fuzzyness, this English duo looks to go far in the doubles bracket.

Similar to the U.K., Spain’s first and second best, Overtriforce and Trifasia, are teaming up together for B.E.A.S.T. 6. While they do not have a long history of teaming together, this Sheik/Peach pair is looking to be a lethal combination based on their individual performances, recording key wins over Westballz and Armada respectively in the recent past.

Another surprising Sheik/Peach pair is Amsah and Vanity Angel, who are the fifth best in Europe and third in the U.K. respectively. With their experience and impressive individual performances, this team can certainly cause upsets over the other, more experienced partnerships.

Lastly, the Finnish spacies team, NamiNami and Peki, is the last team looking to go far in doubles. Making it all the way to Winner’s Finals and getting third  at Helix, this team is vying for a Top three finish at B.E.A.S.T. 6.


Other Notable Teams:

Flikkflakk/K12: A technical and shine-heavy Norwegian Fox main paired with Spain’s best Samus/DK main.

Baxon/Mahie: The infamous Falco main that beat Zhu and the powershield expert Marth main pair up to represent France.

MISTRRLOVE/King Funk: Known both for their melee and commentary skills, this duo are teaming up for doubles. They certainly can go far enough in bracket so that their commentary spot intersects with their match! Maybe they can comment it themselves?

Abate/Blayde: An all Luigi team that primed to take down any spacie teams they face in bracket.


European Exposure



mYi|Ice, Tempo|Westballz, [A]rmada –  Image courtesy of MrSnakeEater and David Vázquez


B.E.A.S.T. 6. presents smash fans with a unique opportunity to see the best European players in action. While eyes are certainly on [A]rmada, TSM|Leffen and mYi|Ice, this tournament will be a chance for other European players to prove their worth to many American viewers. With this in mind, the run to the Top 8 bracket might hold some of the most entertaining and nail-biting sets. Of course, it is hard for the average fan to know what players to look out for in the Top 64 bracket that may cause huge upsets to the visiting Americans. So for your convenience, below is a list of the top ten European smashers to watch out for at B.E.A.S.T. 6.


  1. ATBT|Baxon

The French Falco main is currently ranked #20 on, but do not let this number fool you because this player can fly pretty far in bracket. In HFLAN, he famously defeated Zhu in a best of 5 Falco ditto match. Baxon’s intelligent and powershield heavy Falco has also earned him a win each over Overtriforce, Professor Pro, and Tekk. His most recent results include a pair of fifth place finishes in U.K.’s KickStart tournament series and 25th at DreamHack Winter.


  1. FlikkFlakk

With many Fox mains switching their playstyle to match the efficient “European” playstyle that emphasizes a reliable neutral game and hard punishes, FlikkFlakk’s Fox looks more like an ode to 20XX and Hax’s playstyle, choosing to play a shine heavy, fast paced, and technical playstyle since the late 2000’s. Commonly viewed as the “European Silent Wolf”, this Norwegian Fox main has flashy yet consistent frame perfect double shines and shines out of shield that have caught the eye of many viewers including Wobbles who commented that “One FlikkFlakk is a double shine!”


  1. Mahie

This French Marth is well known in the European scene as a powershield master. According to King Funk, “he may be the most consistent at powershielding not just projectiles but any move!” Currently ranked 25th in on (, Mahie boasts an impressive record in recent tournaments, getting 13th at Eclipse and 17th at DreamHack Winter after beating Moose (19th on the NorCal PR as of June 2015) and LLL Jeapie.


  1. Android

Because of Android’s successes in doubles, many forget how skilled this Swedish Sheik can be in singles. In the European scene, he is considered a perennial Top 8 finisher and has recorded notable wins over several top players, most notably S2J at DreamHack Winter.


  1. Trifasia

One of the best “up and comers” in the European scene, this Spanish Peach main has earned the respect of many top players, earning 2nd at Ossom Fights, a Spanish Major, by only losing to mYi|Ice twice in the tournament. In addition, Trifasia has recorded several wins over Spain’s #1 and the 6th best in Europe, Overtriforce, and taken down Armada’s infamous Young Link at Heir to the Throne II.


  1. Heir|reaper

Currently holding the title of “Best Marth in Europe” this German is known for his unusual, but surprisingly effective, flashy playstyle. Unlike many modern Marths, reaper chooses to play with his sword constantly swinging, which results into a crazy and unique punish game.  Probably one of the most “feel-based” players on the list, reaper has earned two wins each vs. mYi.Ice, Zgetto, and Tekk in the past.


  1. Zgetto

Many may have not heard of Netherlands’ very own Zgetto, but back in the late 2000’s Zgetto was hailed as the “indisputable best Fox main in Europe”. Extremely influential to the Fox meta in Europe, Zgetto plays a very smart and fast Fox. Zgetto is also famously known for being the last European Fox, after Leffen, to beat Armada’s Peach in a full set. This feat occurred back in 2008 a few months before the first Genesis. However, his most recent resurgence into the scene has resulted in wins over Amsah, Jeapie, reaper, and Professor Pro. With an impressive resume under his belt, Zgetto looks to take B.E.A.S.T. 6 by storm.


  1. Overtriforce

The Spanish Sheik has claimed the title of 6th best in Europe according to and looks to make an impressive run at B.E.A.S.T. 6. Playing a more old school, feel-based Sheik, Overtriforce is best known for two things, his deadly gimp set-ups and his proficiency in floaty match ups. In particular, he excels at the Jigglypuff match up.  His past performances in 2015 have earned him 47th place on the MIOM rankings and solidified his spot as #1 in Spain. Lastly, he may be the favorite to ruin Abate’s bracket run, having eliminated him already in the most recent U.K. tournament, Kickstart 6, where Abate ran through some of U.K.’s finest such as Vanity Angel, R23, and Professor Pro.


  1. Amsah

Back before Armada’s rise, Amsah was hailed as the “Best in Europe”, and currently he claims the #5 spot on  This Dutch Sheik is as old school as you can get. His reliance on reads looks silly to many viewers who are not familiar with him, but quickly people see that they work! His success with this playstyle stems from Amsah’s intelligence and his ability to “read the minds” of his opponent. Options that shouldn’t work lead to devastating K.O.’s. With years of experience at the top, this Dutch mentalist will be challenge for some of America’s and Europe’s best players.


  1. VwS|Professor Pro

Holding the place of 4th best in Europe with an iron grip, the British Fox main should be the player every viewer should know about by the end of  B.E.A.S.T. 6. A real student of the game, Professor Pro has already impressed many Americans with his performance at Paragon Los Angeles where he beat Liquid Hungrybox and Spy Nintendude to earn a 9th place finish. In addition, Professor Pro has recorded wins over Overtriforce, Amsah, and mYi|Ice within the past year.




mYi|Ice – Image courtesy of Michael Hathaway

You can find more information on the tournament including brackets, the complete list of registered players, and rules on the website!

Be sure to cheer on mYi|Ice and your other favorite Smashers on one of the streams below!

1. Geeky Goon Squad (Melee/Finals )

2. Salty Playground (Smash 4)


Special thanks goes to Karl-Johan “MikeHaggar” Bolin and Julius “King Funk” Vissin for taking their time to teach me more about the European Smash scene.

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