Up Front with Fredrick “Fredsauce” Terling

On day five of seven during mYinsanity’s mod appreciation week we welcome our next guest Fredrick “Fredsauce” Terling. A streamer who turned to moderating to help others and broaden his skill set in regards to live streaming.  Let’s see what he has to say…


Please introduce yourself, and tell us a bit about you.
Hello I am Fredsauce a partnered streamer on Twitch. Between starting on Livestream and moving over to Twitch, I have been streaming for about 5 years. I’m studying for Computer Engineering, while trying to be a full time Streamer. I mod for Rotterdam08, Limealicious, ToDsc, Vinesauce, DireBoar, and most of the Vinesauce team on Twitch.  While I’m not a professional StarCraft 2 player by any means, I am a pretty active member of the StarCraft II community.


What inspired you to become a mod and how did you get started?
Since I was part of a community, being a mod came hand in hand with being a streamer but being a mod for other people outside of my own community has been a good opportunity to take on additional responsibilities and assist other communities.


What was the biggest challenge when you began and how did you overcome it?
Some of the biggest challenges when starting out is usually finding out what the standards are for the channel/chat owner. Some things that may be obvious to ban for some channels may be acceptable for others and vice versa.  Communicating with the channel owner and finding out what he/she prefers in regards to moderation is obviously ideal to making the modding process a lot smoother.


Why do you do it?
I do it to help my friends but also it is a great service to those who need it. I know from experience as a streamer trying to moderate during a stream can be extremely distracting and can really interrupt the flow/mood of the stream, so having moderators there to take care of issues can be very helpful!

…a streamer’s impressions/opinions can definitely influence a mob mentality or forge some toxic ideals in a chat…


Are there any advantages to being a mod?
Small perks here or there, like being immune to most chat restrictions and sometimes you get additional acknowledgement from some people that might not usually really acknowledge you. Other than having the great feeling of dropping the ban hammer on the streamer advertiser, spammer, or le troll there aren’t too many distinct advantages. It is definitely nice being a bit more connected to the streamer and it tends to make you a bit more recognizable throughout the community.


How important is a good chat to the success of a stream?
Well this is determined mostly by how a streamer wants to run his/her chat. Some people are cool with copy pastas galore or a healthy amount of kappa/emote usage, while others heavily frown upon those things.  Overall though I think a chat that is interactive is important to having a successful stream and definitely helps contribute to viewers wanting to come back. I guess some of the super big channels are almost uncontrollable with the amount of people and that’s where bots or sub only mode kicks in to take care a lot of the minor issues but that doesn’t completely replace the mods role and are still very important to keeping order in the chat. Maybe some channels are so big that having a functional chat doesn’t matter anymore? Definitely for starting channel/mid level channels, I think having a good chat makes it more comfortable and welcoming to people to want to chat and enjoy a stream.


Who has the best/worst chat?
Pointing out a specific stream to have the worst chat I think is a bit rude, but I think one that’s filled with people who are completely immature reflecting the streamer’s attitude can be pretty bad. A streamer’s impressions/opinions can definitely influence a mob mentality or forge some toxic ideals in a chat and I guess you could say “well it’s his/her stream who cares?”. However, if they seek to expand his/her channel and get out there more in the community, they are most likely to be welcomed with open arms by other streamers without having to deal with viewers coming in running rampant and causing a ruckus. I also think when elitism coupled with older viewers versus the new viewer, it can sometimes be problematic and should definitely be kept in check. No one wants to come to a stream with a hostile environment.  Essentially this applies to chat’s not very well managed by the streamer. While mods are the support that keep a stream together, the streamer is still the foundation so if chats get too out of control usually someone isn’t doing their job right or I guess people just don’t care.
The best chat is hard to gauge. I think it’s somewhat a perfect balance of chat among themselves and between the streamer. I don’t really have a specific stream for this either but essentially I think the higher the viewer number while still managing to have a constructive chat may essentially be the “ideal” chat. I might be a little biased (and I haven’t been to every single stream on Twitch) but I’d probably say from the 1,000+ viewer streams I’ve seen, I’d say Rotterdam and Nathanias may have some of the best chat. I actually applaud Nate on being able to have a crazy dank meme chat sometimes and then being able to bring it down to a fairly chill amusing chat. Usually when going to one extreme, it usually sticks in and stays that way but he manages to go from one extreme to another and then back again being able to balance out pretty well. I don’t necessarily think there is a “best” chat since that is more of based on an individual viewer’s preference. Some people like heavy streamer-chat interaction, some people like chatting with other viewers exclusively, some just like really chill chats, others like to just lurk and not chat at all or are there just for the streamer.


What are some suggestions for streamers to grow a good chat?
Ultimately the streamer molds how they want their chat to be.  While the nice thing about streaming is there really isn’t censorship or filters so people can pretty much say or talk about anything, they still have to keep in mind it still affects other people and their viewers. Some of the best ways to grow a good chat is to make the chat the way you want it from the beginning instead of trying to make too many major changes later on and of course having a great mod team definitely eases a lot of the busy work out of streaming as well.


How much do streamers interact with their mods?
I think about as much as they interact with anyone else maybe just slightly more. I guess that depends on how close you are to the streamer but I feel as long as everyone is on the same page there isn’t necessarily a dire need to have a ton of interaction. I think that just depends.

…I don’t really expect anyone to pay me for modding for them…


Are there any kickbacks to mods from the streamer?
Not particularly, most streams I mod for I do it to help them out. On rare occasion there are some nice perks but nothing consistent just for modding. I don’t know anyone who is a millionaire from streaming so I don’t really expect anyone to pay me for modding for them. I find it better that way anyway, since it would then become more of an obligation/job and it’s not like any mod I know can be there 100% for every person they mod for stream.


What is one chat feature you would like to see implemented in the future?
It would be nice to delete either individual or all messages without having to timeout/ban someone. Also maybe have the option to timeout people for a shorter period of time without having to type it out through the command. Maybe a bit more of an organised ban list as well or options to put why they were banned or a list all the mods can see not just the streamer.


Any advice for someone looking to become a channel mod?
Don’t go into a stream and just outright ask for it. I know some people who do that not knowing the streamer and vice-versa. I don’t really have a suggested opportune time to really ask, usually if you are cool with the streamer and a good chat member they might make you a mod. Ideally if the streamer is looking for mods that’s probably the best/most appropriate time to ask.  Always remember modding is a responsibility and not just for fun or having a title.  Not saying you can’t have fun while being a mod but it is easy for people to ask for mod for the wrong reasons.


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